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Developers around the world are interested in obtaining MCSA certifications to leverage their careers. Any professional who manages to obtain this accreditation increases his/her chances to work for a reputable corporation. One of the demanded certifications for web developers or administrators issued by Microsoft is the MCSA Web Applications. This badge is the ticket for wider career opportunities as well as a pay hike, since depending on your experience you can earn from $55k to $96k according to PayScale website.This certification requires the candidates to pass two assessments and one of them is 70-483 assessment, which is also the core topic of this article. Exam 70-483is about Programming in C# which means that this test is not easy. You will need thorough preparation to obtain the passing score from the first attempt.

So, keep reading and discover what training options you can use and how exam dumps can increase your chances to ace the exam.

Microsoft 70-483 Exam Details

The first thing the candidates who want to obtain the So, keep reading and discover what training options you can use and how exam dumps can increase your chances to ace the exam. should do is to sit for either 70-480 or 70-483 exam. Once you have passed this milestone, you will also have to take the test 70-486. Each of them costs $165.

Whileexam70-480 focuses on JavaScript and CSS3, 70-483 test checks candidates’ knowledge on programming different software and hardware platforms using the C# language.Microsoft keeps a very straight structure of 70-483 exam. It is split into four parts:

  • Program Flow Management – exam-takers will receive items on how to handle exceptions, multi threading management, as well as program flow implementation;
  • Creation and Usage of Types – candidates will have to demonstrate that they have the necessary skills to create and consume different types, and also have knowledge on encapsulation enforcement and class hierarchy creation and implementation;
  • Apps Debugging and Security Implementation – this section will contain items related to app debugging techniques, application input validation, assemblies management, or diagnostics implementation;
  • Data Access Implementation – test-takers will have to solve the issues related to data consumption, query, and manipulation, and also show the skill in data serialization, de serialization, storage, and retrieval.

Apart from the essential requirement of being familiar with C# language, candidates increase their chances to obtain the MCSA certification if they understand some of the following concepts:

  • Program flow and events management
  • Error and exceptions management
  • Knowledge on how to work with collections, arrays, operators, expressions, variables, classes, and methods
  • Iteration and decision management
  • Threading and asynchronous programming
  • Knowledge on how to work with LINQ and other data collections, as well as data validation

Now that you know more about 70-483 exam structure, you should also find out how to prepare for this test. The rest of the article will tell you more about Microsoft training resources and how you can use exam dumps to have more chances to obtain a passing score.

Microsoft Training Resources to Pass 70-483 Test

One of the most popular training resources provided by Microsoft is the instructor-led training. You can find it on the vendor’s website by searching the code 20483B. The course lasts for 5 days during which students will learn from skilled trainers how to program different software and hardware platforms using C# language and will grasp all the other required concepts.

Also, in case your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend the instructor-led training, you can try the self-paced one. This course covers essential knowledge on C# language and will help you understand more about using C-style language in .NET Framework environment. Also, you can watch the prep video where two certification experts will share valuable insights on ExamSnap exam.

Microsoft website also offers access toits practice test and community forums. Thus, students can get in touch with other exam-takers and share opinions on how to prepare for 70-483 test. You can also find useful study guides in Microsoft Press Store. Those books focus on helping candidates develop critical-thinking and decision-making skills.

Pass 70-483 Test with ExamSnap

While Microsoft website provides different training options, they still may be not enough and so many candidates look for additional resources to increase their chances to obtain the passing score. Apart from the official training and books, exam-takers can find helpful exam dumpsand other types of prep materials for 70-483 at the website. offers two types of exam dumps. Students can download the free vce files and get access to sets of questions and answers provided by recent exam-takers. Also, the applicants buy a Premium Bundle for a fee of $39.97. The bundle contains a verified dump as well as a training course and study guide. Practicing with these files, the candidate can review the gained knowledge, get some practical skills and what is the most important find out his/her strong and weak area so as to make the studies more effective.

To use the dumps acquired from ExamSnap, you will need to install the VCE Exam Simulator. This software will help you practice for 70-483 test and get used to the exam environment including the interface, the test structure, question types, and time limits. Also, you’ll be given detailed reports on each of your attempts so you’ll see your progress and the topics which you need to study more.


The Microsoft 70-483 exam helps candidates demonstrate that they have the necessary knowledge to use C# language and places them a step closer to their MCSA Web Applications. The exam is quite difficult and students will have to study hard to obtain the passing score. To get a serious advantage over other competitors, use exam dumps from ExamSnap, be familiar with the test infrastructure and the tasks and pass 70-483 assessment with ease and confidence.

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