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IPMAT is the entrance exam conducted by IIM Indore every year for its five-year integrated management course. Thousands of students appear for the examination every year to take admission to the renowned college of India. It is essential to understand how to crack the examination to avail admission to this preferred college.

IPMAT Exam pattern

The IPMAT exam is divided into three sections:

  • Quantitative Ability MCQs – 40 questions
  • Quantitative Ability Short Answers – 20 questions and
  • Verbal Ability- 40 questions

The sectional time limit for each section is 40 minutes. So the total time duration of the examination is 120 minutes. There are four marks for each correct answer and negative 1 for an incorrect answer. Please note there will be no negative marking for the Quantitative Ability Short answer section.

Having understood the pattern and syllabus of the IPMAT exam, let us understand how to prepare for it.

Preparation, tips and tricks for IPMAT Exam

  • Start with understanding what all syllabus, chapters, and pattern is there in the IPMAT examination. Make a layout of your study plan.
  • Then start subject wise. Understand the basic concepts of every chapter of each subject. Cramming up is not the solution. This would not take you forward. Go back and revise your basic quant and English concepts from previous classes.
  • It is always advised to move forward, chapter by chapter. Skipping any topic or chapter is not advisable. As the exam has a wide range of topics, anything could be asked in the examination.
  • Ensure you do proper time management. This includes daily 2-3 hours of practice time for the IPMAT exam. It would be good if you focus and dedicatedly study every day for the same.
  • Some of the candidates are good at oral maths. It does save a lot of time. Brush your mental math skills. Those who can’t remember try to establish short tricks to come to an answer.
  • It is good to take guidance under the IPMAT coaching class expert for any examination preparation. The coaching will allow you to brace up your management skills and look upon different aspects to crack the examination like speed, accuracy, time management, etc.
  • Kick start your IPMAT preparation on time. Delaying it thinking ample time is there would lose out on many things. Finishing the entire syllabus would take time, and if any issues, doubts can be solved with your IPMAT coaching experts.
  • Regularly practice mock tests, and this is a very important step in cracking IPMAT. Giving mock tests regularly will help you in understanding how to manage them in each section. What are your weak areas, which topic needs more practice, how much time you can reduce to solve any question, etc., can be answered only if you daily practice mock tests.
  • Only giving mock is not essential. Analyzing how you did in the mock is more important than it. Give ample time to understand your mistakes, learn from it, and do not repeat it.

All these preparation tips would bridge the gap between cracking IPMAT and your preparation for the examination.

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