The Creative Imagination and Its Impact on 21st Century Literacies

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The Creative Imagination and Its Impact on 21st Century Literacies”

Jeffrey Pflaum

Looking for serious-fun stuff that will actually help kids learn, learn how-to-learn, challenge their creativity, EI/SEL skills, and help them examine their inner worlds in peaceful ways? My article is a response to CCSS’s outrageousness, its origins, “roots,” and implementation in the schools across the U.S. So take a trip with me through a human world of education, not one pre-fabricated by forces outside of education looking in.

Navigate the landscapes of creativity and social-and-emotional learning described in my 2013 article in the New Jersey English Journal titled, “The Creative Imagination and Its Impact on 21st Century Literacies,” at this link:

The upcoming prerequisite fundamental learning skills projects began in the late 60s in inner-city elementary schools (NYCDOE) and continued for over 25 years with extreme positive success. There are brief descriptions for lessons you can use in elementary to middle school classrooms:

  • Concentration Exercises: Focusing the Mind”
  • Contemplation Music Writing: Introducing Inner Experience”
  • Reading-and-Imagining: Language as Art”
  • Word-Bridges: Word to Live By”
  • The Creative-Thinking-Picture-Series: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”
  • The Inner Cities Poetry Project: Journey’s End into 21st Century Literacies”

(1) Go to the link for the article: Click on the left where it says, 2013 issue: “Teaching English Language Arts in and for the 21st Century: What and How?”

(2) Download the 2013 NJEJ issue to find the above article on pages 23 to 29 and print it out.

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