CRomnibus Is a Crock

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“CRomnibus Is a Crock”

By Donna Garner



The CRomnibus is a crock!  It took three days from 12.11.14 to 12.13.14 for both Houses of Congress to pass the 1,600 page, $1.1 Trillion CRomnibus bill.  The hybrid bill came to be called “CRomnibus” because it contains 11 appropriation bills that are supposed to fund most of the federal government through Sept. 30, 2015, but the bill also contains a continuing resolution (CR) that funds the Department of Homeland Security through Feb. 27, 2015.

The CR is the part that will undoubtedly help to fund Obama’s unconstitutional executive order on amnesty. In fact, the Obama administration has already started advertising 1,000 job openings for federal workers to approve applications for illegals at a new facility in Crystal City, VA.

Obviously, nobody in Congress had time to read 1,600 pages; and Nancy Pelosi’s famous line lives on in the CRomnibus, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”




Since the passage of the CRomnibus, we have begun to hear that Race to the Top (RTTT) funding has been cut in the CRomnibus; and this is supposed to placate conservative Congressmen and anti-Common Core naysayers.  However, as usual, confusion has erupted; and this is the atmosphere in which Sen. Harry Reid and his cronies work best.


I have tried to summarize as simply as I can the facts surrounding the CRomnibus and RTTT:   


Race to the Top was not funded in the CRomnibus passed by the House on 12.11.14.  Because Race to the Top received no funding in the House CRomnibus, then RTTT got zero funding through Sept. 2015 and is not even mentioned in the CRomnibus.  


Several weeks ago before the voting started on the CRomnibus bill in the House or the Senate, Sen. Vitter introduced his Local Control of Education Act as a stand-alone bill which would have “prohibited the federal government from mandating, incentivizing, or coercing States to adopt the Common Core Standards or any other specific academic standards.”  When Sen. Vitter tried to add his bill as an amendment to the CRomnibus, Sen. Harry Reid blocked it without a vote being taken. Therefore, Vitter’s bill did not become a part of the CRomnibus passed by the Senate on 12.13.14; and the provisions found in Vitter’s bill became null and void. 



What Congressmen and the public need to know is that Race to the Top (RTTT) is now a peripheral issue because states that did not even get any RTTT funds still committed to the Common Core Standards Initiative (CCSI); therefore, it is not the RTTT funding that is causing the damage now. That was true several years ago when Congress most certainly should have cut the funding to both Race to the Top and the Common Core Standards Initiative but chose not to do so.


The Common Core Standards (pushed through with the carrot-and-stick federal RTTT funds) are based upon the Type #2 philosophy of education — link to Type #1 vs. Type #2 chart:




It is the Type #2 philosophy in students’ curriculum that is leading students across the country to stop focusing on knowledge-based, academic content (Type #1) and instead to spend time setting up community organizing events in which they walk out of school, form crowds that turn riotous, destroy businesses, promote racial hatred as we have seen in Ferguson, MO and in many other cities.  Students are simply acting out what they have been taught in their Type #2 Common Core curriculum where victimization and white supremacy are the emphases and where they are made to feel that it is their “right” to participate in “civil disobedience” which, of course, is hyped up by outside special interest groups that use vulnerable teenagers to achieve violent results. 


We are just seeing the cusp of this trend now, but it will grow worse as the student indoctrination spreads even wider.  This is what the Common Core/RTTT Type #2 philosophy is doing as students are being soaked in the anti-American, pro-Islam, politically correct, multicultural, social justice ideology that permeates CCS-aligned curriculum.      




I suspect that Arne Duncan and the U. S. Dept. of Education are laughing at Congress for passing the CRomnibus that cuts funding for RTTT because the Obama administration knows full well that they have already moved on to the next phase of their Common Core Standards Initiative plan.  RTTT was simply the “basement”; the USDOE is well on its way to the Second and Third Floors! 


The next phase of the Type #2 CCSI is to drive the assessments (K-12) which then drive the CCSI curriculum.  This in turn will drive the teacher evaluations based upon students’ assessment scores and the placement of personally intrusive information into a national database tied to the NSA. This national database will run from the cradle to the grave.


Right on cue, the next phase of the Type #2 RTTT/CCSI is being pushed into Pre-K and Early Childhood and also into higher education.



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11.26.14 — “Obama Launching Control over Higher Ed” — by Donna Garner —


In the CRomnibus for 2015, Obama’s Preschool Development Grants program gets $250 Million; and the Department of Education gets $70.5 Billion.


I doubt that RTTT is even mentioned any more in these “new” USDOE grant applications; therefore, blocking the funding for RTTT would not hurt the CCSI implementation at all. 




Where the federal funds need to be blocked is for any new implementation of the gigantic NSA-type database system that is set up to gather personally identifiable information gained through the CCS assessments each time a child enters information on the surveys, etc. 


Where the federal funds need to be cut is for the mechanisms that are driving the CCSI curriculum into classrooms. This is where it gets tricky because the USDOE is in league with private companies (such as Pearson and Bill Gates), setting up various new initiatives that never say “Race to the Top” but that are helping to expedite Type #2 curriculum and the national database.  


It is the CCS curriculum that is destroying our children and our nation. When I say “destroying,” I am not kidding.  Parents all over this country are struggling to help their children do their crazy CCS math, and even the liberal parents are up in arms. Children are learning to hate math because CCS math makes no sense; it is so far removed from traditional math that parents cannot help their children.


Teachers don’t understand the CCS Math either yet are being forced to teach it even in states that committed to CCSI but got not one penny from RTTT. The purpose behind CCS math is to destroy America from within by making sure that we have no more outstanding STEM students in the future, thus turning America into a weak nation that no longer can lead the world.    




As always happens when Big Government takes over institutions, Congress is behind the learning curve. Instead of defunding RTTT in the CRomnibus, they should have defunded the CCSI and David Coleman’s College Board. David Coleman is the architect of Common Core English Standards. These are officially called “The Common Core Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science & Technical Subjects.”  This touches every subject area except for math, and the Common Core Math Standards take care of that.


When David Coleman finished helping to destroy an emphasis on the time-honored classics by replacing them with snippets of informational text meant to indoctrinate students into the social justice agenda but not allow them to study pieces of literature in the historical context in which they were written, Coleman “conveniently” moved over to become the president of the College Board. He immediately stated publicly that all products owned by the College Board (including all AP tests, the SAT, the PSAT, and the GED) will be aligned to the Common Core. 


David Coleman first started with AP U. S. History (APUSH) which is being taught as of this fall to 500,000 of America’s brightest and best students; and it is teaching them to hate America because the course (“Framework”) is now focusing on the telling of American history through the eyes of people who detest America. The redesigned APUSH course has one goal, and that is to destroy American exceptionalism in our students’ minds. 


The College Board has received over $300 million over the last 10 years in federal funding that is first laundered through the states (through the AP Test Fee program and the AP Incentive program). The undeniable truth is that hundreds of millions of federal taxpayer dollars end up in the coffers of the College Board. The U. S. Congress could and should certainly cut the funding for AP and let the College Board pay for its own marketing and testing expenses. After all, why is the federal government helping a private organization make a profit?




What Congress needs to do is to get a handle on what the USDOE is spending on the “tentacle” projects that are keeping CCSI moving forward.  Those are the areas for which Congress explicitly needs to deny federal funding.  By hitting those “tentacle” projects (the same way that ObamaCare needs to be disemboweled), some of the damage of CCSI can be minimized and hopefully eliminated.    


I know it is hard for Congressmen to keep up with the latest on CCSI because by the time they get a bill passed, CCSI has already moved on to other damaging but planned maneuvers.  What Congress must learn to do is to get ahead of the CCSI curve, anticipate the next stage of their plan, and cut funding for those endeavors.


I believe the American people feel they have been “left at the altar” after sending Congress a resounding mandate in the Nov. 2014 elections. They are losing patience with Congress because even in this lame duck session, the public felt they would see substantive changes. They thought the House, which already has a majority of Republicans and controls the purse strings, would show some fiscal restraint. Not so — $1.1 Trillion in a 1,600 page bill is not showing fiscal restraint.



Because the CRomnibus helps to fund Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty executive order through Feb. 27, 2015, the public thought Senators, particularly the Republicans, would support Sen. Cruz when he tried to raise a point of order.  Not so – the Senators voted 22 to 72 in opposition to Cruz which allowed Obama and his amnesty plan to proceed with the hiring of thousands of federal employees to approve applications for illegals.



My hope and prayer is that when the new Congress gets seated in Jan. 2015, the American people will begin to see real changes in the way the Beltway operates. Unfortunately, the damage done with the CRomnibus will only delay those real changes; and the trust of the American people in Congress has been further eroded.


[I am pleased to say that our Congressman, Rep. Bill Flores (R-Texas), is the incoming chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee; and he voted against CRomnibus.]



What is in the CRomnibus bill?  Here is the link to the final bill that was passed by the House on 12.10.14 (219 to 206) and the Senate on 12.13.14 (56 to 40).  The bill has now been sent to Obama’s desk for his signature:



To see how your U. S. House member voted on the CRomnibus, please go to:



To see how your U. S. Senate members voted on the CRomnibus, please go to:  12.13.14 – “Senate Avoids Shutdown, Passes CRomnibus in Bipartisan Vote” — by Humberto Sanchez and Niels Lesniewski – Roll Call




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Donna Garner

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