CRT Is Common Core 0.2 Created by Obama

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Barack Obama Says Right-Wing Media Is 'Stoking the Fear and Resentment' of  White Americans

“CRT Is Common Core 0.2 Created by Obama”

By Donna Garner


The main point that I believe people are missing is that CRT (Critical Race Theory) is Common Core 0.2 created by Obama. For close to ten years, our school children across America have been “seeded” with a constant barrage of White privilege/Black bondage, LGBTQ indoctrination. Young people were ripe and ready when Black Lives Matter (BLM), CRT, and mass protests merged together because they had already been trained to advocate for leftist causes/social justice agenda.

I will never understand why there has not been a tirade by parents against Obama whose CC has stolen the hearts, minds, and souls of our children. Why has he hardly ever been mentioned nor tied to CRT?  He and his ilk should be held totally accountable for the fact that this social justice agenda is now spreading across America through our indoctrinated school children. They are growing up and are branching out into every field and institution in America. He and his ilk knew exactly how to destroy our nation  – steal our children.

Strangely enough, the saving grace is COVID!  As we all know, it was only because of virtual learning that parents ever got a glimpse of what their children have been soaking in for almost ten years – Obama’s Common Core indoctrination.  

How I wish that parents and our country would put the blame where it belongs – right at the feet of Obama and his ilk who spread Common Core throughout our country.  

One reason that the public needs to address the root instigator (Obama and Common Core) is that CRT is not only in social studies. The Common Core indoctrination into the social justice agenda/LGBTQ is throughout almost all curriculum now. If we do not pull out the root, we have little chance of “killing off” the CC indoctrination “tree.”

Critical Race Theory did not just come out of nowhere!  Please read this article that I wrote first on 8.7.13 and then republished on 3.23.19:

“The Perfect Plan To Destroy America – Nationalize Education” — by Donna Garner – —

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  1. And Obama has children!!! We will overcome CRT, because parents and even students are speaking up! We will rise up and not let our beloved country fall into socialism/communism!!! God will help us!!! This is new.