Cruz, Rubio sign pledge against federal role in Common Core

Nov 26, 2015 by

By Jason Russell –

Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have signed a pledge against the Common Core educational standards, Sunshine State News reports.

“I, _______, pledge to the students, parents, teachers and concerned citizens of the United States of America that I will stop federal involvement in Common Core and that I will oppose any efforts by the federal government to mandate, impose or influence standards, assessment or curriculum,” the pledge reads. It was drafted by Florida Parents Against Common Core. The group asked 14 GOP candidates to sign the pledge at the Sunshine Summit on Nov. 12-14.

Note that by pledging against any “federal involvement in Common Core,” the candidates would be unable to encourage states to repeal Common Core. In that vein, the pledge is more of a promise to maintain a federalist stance on the issue, rather than a pledge to get rid of Common Core.

Under Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, the federal government has been pressuring states into adopting and keeping Common Core using Race to the Top grants and conditional waivers from the federal penalties in No Child Left Behind.

Lindsey Graham rejected the pledge, while Ben Carson said he would consider it.

Jeb Bush has said previously the federal government should have no role in Common Core. Earlier this year, Bush said he will not sign any pledges during his presidential campaign.

Source: Cruz, Rubio sign pledge against federal role in Common Core | Washington Examiner

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