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cscope[UPDATED ON 3.28.13 – Please be sure to read the latest from TESCCC that is contained in the article below.  Also, today the Friendswood ISD superintendent stated at a key communicators’ meeting that “CSCOPE was not going away.”  This superintendent will need the parents in that district to take a public position against CSCOPE and to convince her and the other administrators that CSCOPE needs to be dumped.  Here is the list of anti-CSCOPE resources that will help the public to be prepared with the facts:  “UPDATED ON 3.21.13 — LIST OF ANTI-CSCOPE RESOURCES (as of 3.21.13) —  – Donna Garner]



Date: March 27, 2013 10:10:18 PM CDT
Subject: A Message for Parents from the Superintendent



Dear Parents,


Friendswood ISD is one of over 800 school districts in Texas that purchased a curriculum management system called CSCOPE.  It was developed by Texas educators to assist Texas school districts by providing coordinated curriculum resources. The primary resource utilized by all was the  organization and sequencing of the objectives called the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  The TEKS are the mandated state curriculum in place since the 1990s.  CSCOPE is a very useful and affordable tool comprised of several components. One component of CSCOPE provides sample lessons. That component is available to teachers, but in Friendswood ISD, there was never a mandate or order to teach the sample lessons.


Recently, there have been numerous disturbing articles on the internet and in the media focused on a few sample lessons in the Social Studies curriculum.  Accusations mainly center on an anti-American, pro-socialist, and anti-Christian theme(s).   Though no controversial lessons have been found, or reported with the lessons chosen and actually taught by teachers in our schools, I have been concerned with the negative perception of CSCOPE as a resource growing in the media. As a result, I have been in contact with the state CSCOPE office in Austin for the past week and a half about providing transparency of the lesson plans for our parents and the general public.


Today, I received the following information from the CSCOPE office in Austin:


As part of the ongoing effort to enhance public understanding and increase transparency, the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative (TESCCC) has been working with the CSCOPE technology provider to provide public access to CSCOPE lessons. The CSCOPE site will include a new feature that allows parents and members of the general public to access CSCOPE lessons without having to enter a username and password.  CSCOPE lessons accessible to the public will be the same lessons provided to districts.  This new public access feature is scheduled to be launched in early April  2013.  Math lessons will be loaded first with Language Arts and Science lessons following.  The TESCCC is working with the State Board of Education (SBOE) for a review of Social Studies lessons; therefore, information on posting of CSCOPE Social Studies lessons will be forthcoming based on the timeline set by the State Board of Education for the review.


I am very happy that CSCOPE will be able to make the lessons, worksheets, and supporting material available to the public in early April.  Since the Social Studies lessons will not be able to be viewed by the public until the State Board completes its review, I have directed our principals to prohibit our staff from utilizing CSCOPE Social Studies sample lessons and unit tests until after the State Board completes their review.


As always, Friendswood ISD teachers have the freedom to develop their own daily lessons in order to teach the state’s mandated curriculum.  They have access to a variety of resources.  Our teachers have a successful track record and have proven to be trustworthy.  I stand behind them.  I do not believe any teachers in FISD are teaching an anti-American, pro-socialist, anti-Christian curriculum.   Furthermore, no such lessons have surfaced to date. If you have a concern about what your child is learning, please contact your child’s teacher or principal.


When the information becomes available for public access, we will let parents know on our website.




Trish Hanks





District Web Site:
State: TX
District Code: 084911

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