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Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst


Alice Linahan and Women on the Wall – host Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst to talk about CSCOPE

Listen to podcast here:

WBTM’s WomenOntheWall Radio show with guest Lt. Governor David Dewhurst.

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Both Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and Senator Dan Patrick attended the Backpack and Boots on the Ground Education Summit in Conroe, Texas, Saturday, July 20.  By all accounts they were shocked by the information they heard.

The question is “Are these leaders willing to actually lead and get to the bottom of the political corruption involved in the TESCCC’s CommonCore/CSCOPE illegal invasion of Texas schools?”

Those of us who were at the Backpack and Boots on the Ground understand the political game and that these two men are running for Lt. Governor. They were both there seeking support from grassroots leaders and their organizations who were attending. What the Lt. Governor and Senator may not understand is that the people who were there could care less about these men’s political careers.  The people are going to do what it takes to protect their children and grandchildren

Therefore, just talking the good talk and getting photo opportunities will not work. There must be action; and it must be taken immediately before Texas children are harmed anymore in the 2013 and 2014 school year by the Common Core philosophy that is coming in the back door through CSCOPE and the corrupt education non-government organizations such as TASA (Texas Association of School Administrators), TASB (Texas Association of School Boards) and the ESCs (Education Service Centers) who have direct access to our tax dollars.

If these political leaders want support from the grassroots, action is needed; and it is needed Now!!!

We are calling for a full audit by the Texas State Auditor (John Keel) to look into direct conflicts of interest and illegal actions by the TESCCC.  In addition, an audit must be done of TASA and TASB.  From what public information requests revealed, there may be grounds for legal action to be taken by taxpayers of Texas.

Lastly we are demanding that Texas Leadership find a remedy to remove Thomas Ratliff as a Texas State Board of Education elected official. Texas Attorney Greg Abbott has already ruled that Ratliff is not eligible to be on the SBOE because he is a paid lobbyist for Microsoft and has a direct conflict of interest since Microsoft does business with the Texas Education Agency and the Texas State Board of Education.

Texas Government Code (, says that the impeachment of Thomas Ratliff, Texas State Board of Education member, must start in the Texas House.  It will be up to the public to get the House members’ attention.

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