Cutting edge technology ensures a fair game at the casino

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Hollywood has almost made a virtue of beating the house by fair means or foul. George Clooney’s character cut a Robin Hood-like dash in the Ocean’s Eleven franchise and who can forget the classic exchange between Robert Shaw and Robert Redford in the Sting?

“Your boss is quite a card player, Mr Kelly, how does he do it?”

“He cheats.”

In the real world, however, we want to be sure that we are playing a fair game with a genuine chance of winning, and the casinos need to have controls to ensure that they collect their prescribed house edge to keep the business afloat. Here, we take a look at how it’s done.

Online gambling security

Before we venture to the world on land-based casinos, it is worth considering the online versions. These have become increasingly popular over recent years, and the seemingly endless list of sites on shows just how many online casinos there are to choose from.

Anything involving the internet and money can cause a degree of fear and suspicion in people’s minds, which is understandable given the media profile of hacking, online scams and identity fraud. But the truth is that all these casinos are associated with high-profile international companies and are subject to rigorous external checks and audits.

Protecting everyone at the casino

Land based casinos use a variety of tools and technology to identify anyone who is trying to cheat the house and the other players. These include the following:

Big brother is watching

It seems that there is CCTV everywhere we go these days, and you will see even more of it at a casino. It starts before you even walk inside, with license plate recognition cameras recording every vehicle that arrives and then sending the data to a computer that cross references the information against a database of undesirables. If you’re in a car that’s registered to someone who has caused problems in the casino world, you won’t even be allowed in the door.

Once you are inside, the surveillance continues. Biometric face recognition cameras will take a good look at you, and perform a similar check – just in case you are OK, but you have brought an undesirable passenger with you!

Once seated at the gaming table, there are a new set of cameras, and they watch your every move. This doesn’t just guard against sleight of hand card switchers, it also protects the dealer against any accusations of unethical activity.

The eye of an angel

Even if a card shark manages to switch cards without the dealer, players or camera noticing, it will not do him any good. Many casinos now use Angel Eye technology – the cards are printed with bar codes in invisible ink, and the reader keeps track of every card in play. If a rogue card appears, it will alert security immediately.

Anti counterfeiting

Casino chips might look innocuous, but these days, they contain similar security measures to banknotes. Unique radio frequency identification chips embedded in their core send out a signal to the cashier to prove they are genuine. If they don’t emit the right frequency, they will not be cashed out.

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