Cyberbullying – 20 National Bullying Prevention Month Images

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October is National Bullying Prevention Month in the United States. It is during this time of the year that America focuses on bullying and cyberbullying prevention. Bullying and cyberbullying are social problems that can cause serious physical and psychological harm to children and their loved ones. As of 2017, bullying and cyberbullying are still defined as pediatric problems involving minors.

Adult bullying, cyber harassment, internet trolling and workplace bullying are all similar terms used when adults are involved as either aggressor or target. Although this writer views bullying and cyberbullying applying to all ages, they will be presented as a pediatric phenomenon until consensus accepts them as being non-age related.

Stop Cyberbullying

With the advent of the Information Age, cyberbullying has become the predominant issue facing all facets of society. So, to help educate citizens of the Information Age, provided below are 20 free cyberbullying tactic images to download, share and edit.

To download and save, simply right-click on any image and then click “save as” to download to your computer or mobile device. All images are ranging from 940-960px wide. They were designed for awareness and educational purposes only. Editing these images to harm other online users is not permitted.

Cyberbullying Defined

Cyberbullying is defined as recurrent and sustained verbal and/or physical attacks by one or more children towards another child using Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Like classic bullying, cyber bullying is harmful, repeated and hostile behavior intended to deprecate another child for reasons other than self-defense.

Cyberbullying involves threatening or disparaging communications delivered through ICT that can occur anonymously, publicly or by using felonious identities. Whereas classic bullying typically involves face-to-face interactions and non-digital forms of communication, online bullying consists of data exchanged via ICT and may never involve face-to-face meetings.

Cyberbullying is an abuse centered interpersonal dynamic that includes aggressors, targets and bystanders. The main developmental issues fueling cyber bullying are peer acceptance, recognition and occasionally retribution. Not all cyberbullying is fueled by dark developmental needs or perceptual distortions. There are instances when children cyberbully other children due to their ignorance or belief that they are joking.

20 Cyberbullying Tactic Awareness Images

Source: Cyberbullying – 20 National Bullying Prevention Month Images

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