Cybersecurity Curriculum

Oct 22, 2021 by

When it comes to cybersecurity in higher education, are students being adequately prepared? The cybersecurity space is evolving and changing at a rapid pace making it difficult for higher education to keep up. Dragoni et el. (2021) reviewed more than 100 European M.Sc. programs in cybersecurity from 28 countries finding that while traditional knowledge areas are covered, there is not enough emphasis placed on building practical security skills. Despite a surge in cybersecurity jobs, the skills gap remains too wide to fill the vacant positions.

Meanwhile, Enright et al. (2020) contend that there is a lack of foundational understanding and cites the decentralized nature of cybersecurity programs in higher education for a lack of unifying knowledge and skills in the cybersecurity workforce.

There are bootcamps and online courses that are considered by cybersecurity experts to be more advantageous to students than a 4-year degree. Burrell et al. (2020) adopted a micro-teaching approach to improve how university students are taught cybersecurity concluding that it serves as a useful tool for developing cybersecurity professionals and might be something universities should consider.


Are universities unable to keep up with the dynamic nature of cybersecurity curriculum? Are they providing adequate hands-on skills training?


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