Cynthia Nixon–The Education Governor?

Mar 26, 2018 by

Cynthia Nixon, the well-known actress, has her sights on the governorship of New York State. Her name-recognition is an advantage, but she still has a steep uphill battle against Andrew Cuomo.

She’s not entering the contest as a tease. a lark, a publicity stunt, prank or on a dare. She is not a diversion and not a novelty. Her credibility as a candidate is based not on her high-profile, but on her history of passionate and knowledge-driven advocacy, especially in the area of public education. She identifies opportunity for quality education as the bedrock of a stable and equitable society, and she has made it the cornerstone of her campaign.

Whether or not she is the best all-around candidate, she is a formidable challenger, less in terms of her chance of winning than the strength of her ideas.

Nixon is not driven by ambition and she’s not a dilettante out for a new adventure. She’s a veteran fighter on many battlefronts. Her struggle to protect and improve our public schools is foremost among her public positions so far, but her convictions and practical solutions for New York’s challenges don’t stop there. She has worked hard publicly and behind the scenes for many years.

Nixon is a bold proponent of professionalism in education, which translates into championing children’s and parental rights and logically extends to her support for unions that advance those principles.

Her views on funding, school closings and co-locations, overcrowding, inclusion, de-facto segregation, testing and evaluation, and other issues are proof of her dedication to children and the adults entrusted to deliver on that promise.

Many aspiring politicians profess and call themselves friends of public education. Most of them attended parochial or other private schools and pull any strings necessary to get their own kids into their alma maters.

But Nixon is a public school graduate and often expresses pure pride in that fact. And although she no doubt has the clout and financial wherewithal to ensure her own children’s acceptance into the most elite academies, she unhesitatingly sent them to New York City public schools instead.  She did so long before choosing to run for office out of faith, not to sell her candidacy by using her kids as props.

She ardently wants today’s kids to have restored to them the chances that she enjoyed when a student but are often denied these days. Her participation in an open selection process should be welcomed by everyone who supports good government.

As we should plainly see from a scan of other states, New Yorkers could do a lot worse than Governor Cuomo.  But perhaps they can do better with Cynthia Nixon.

Ron Isaac

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