‘Dangerous proposal’: campaigners in Kenya condemn sex education plan

Feb 5, 2018 by

Government under fire over incorporation of dedicated lessons about sexuality into national curriculum

Plans by the Kenyan government to expand coverage of sex education in primary schools have been criticised for encouraging promiscuity among young people.

The ministry of education wants guidance on sex, which is currently incorporated into subjects such as civil education, to become a distinct topic in the country’s new curriculum.

But campaign group CitizenGo has petitioned the ministry, urging it not to implement what it describes as a “dangerous proposal”.

Ann Kioko, campaigns manager for CitizenGo, said: “It is teaching children from a very young age that they are sexual and they can experiment with homosexuality, and that abortion is their right.”

Kioko added that the organisation is not opposed to sex education based on the principle of informing children about the changes their bodies undergo as they get older.

David Oginde, presiding bishop of Christ is the Answer Ministries, one of Kenya’s largest and most influential Pentecostal churches, wrote in a comment piece for a Kenyan newspaper: “Many parents and family organisations are in full support of wholesome sex education. Instead, concern is that, unlike traditional sex education, CSE [comprehensive sexuality education] is highly explicit. With an almost obsessive focus on children obtaining sexual pleasure, CSE promotes promiscuity and high-risk sexual behaviours as healthy and normal.”

Source: ‘Dangerous proposal’: campaigners in Kenya condemn sex education plan | Global development | The Guardian

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