DC-area school board demands Redskins sign Kaepernick — while most students lack math, English proficiency

Dec 19, 2018 by

Seven school board members in Prince George’s County, Maryland took the time to write out a letter urging the NFL’s Washington Redskins to sign quarterback Colin Kaepernick amid a string of recent injuries.

Meanwhile, students are failing math and English.

Kaepernick last played for the San Francisco 49ers in 2016 and was cut following a series of high-profile social justice protests during the national anthem. Kaepernick decided to take a knee during the national anthem as a statement about alleged police brutality and racial injustice against blacks, which prompted other players to follow suit. The situation created a public backlash against the NFL that included boycotts and condemnation from President Donald Trump.

Kaeprnick has since launched a multi-million dollar deal with Nike to promote his cause, but hasn’t return to play, reportedly because no NFL team is interested in a grandstanding social justice warrior.

But the Prince George’s County School Board is apparently very interested in a grandstanding social justice warrior, and at least seven members think he’d make a great role model for students.

“As a school system, we pride ourselves on our ability to prepare our students to take full advantage of all the opportunities available to them. We write you today about a matter that’s on the minds of many Prince Georgians, as well as fans nationwide. Our view is that the Washington Football Team needs to give Colin Kaepernick an opportunity to join the team in a form of a try-out, and need to do so immediately,” seven board members wrote in a letter to Redskins leadership last Thursday.

The Redskins’ FedEx field is located in Prince George’s County, WTOP reports.

The Redskins have lost two quarterbacks in the last two months to injuries, both with broken legs.

“Our reasoning goes far beyond football. While it is apparent that Kaepernick is at least deserving of a roster spot based on his track record as an NFL quarterback, we think he merits an opportunity for other reasons,” the letter continued, pointing out the first black quarterback to lead a NFL team to victory, Doug Williams in 1987, played for the Redskins.

The seven board members – David Murray, Joshua Thomas, Belinda Queen, Edward Burroughs III, Smanya Paige, Curtis Valentine, and Paul Monteiro – dreamed of how Prince George’s County schools could partner with Kaepernick to “send an even more powerful message today” through things like “programing and spaces for our young people to discuss and debate the issues affecting them.”

There’s one issue that’s particularly troubling: The Prince George’s County school district is failing miserably at educating students, in large part because officials are relentlessly distracted with political nonsense, corruption, scandals, and lawsuits.

State data shows less than 17 percent of middle schoolers in the district are proficient in math, and only about 32 percent are proficient in English language arts. For Elementary students, just over 21 percent are proficient in math and less than 29 percent proficient in English.

For high school students, just over 21 percent tested proficient in math and just under 40 percent proficient in English, according to the district’s 2017-18 report card.

That report card listed the district’s “Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate” at nearly 83 percent, though past news reports suggest the figure could be misleading.

A 2017 audit found as much as 30 percent of the students who received diplomas were not eligible to graduate but did so anyway, with the help of administrators who cooked the books.

Regardless, schools CEO Kevin Maxwell, who presided over the district during the scandal and several others, inked a settlement this summer with an $800,000 severance package, WTOP reports.

The agreement, approved by the school board, released Maxwell from the remaining three years of his contract.

Source: DC-area school board demands Redskins sign Kaepernick — while most students lack math, English proficiency | EAGnews.org

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