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By Donna Garner

I was a classroom teacher for more than 33 years. I quickly learned that before I could hold my students accountable for something they did wrong, I first had to give them a list of specific rules that they needed to follow. If I had given them a long list of generic “Community Standards” and then had tried to make up my rules as I went along, I would have been fired — that is after my students’ parents had brought their lawyer to school to try to press charges against me.

You at Facebook are writing your own rules as you go along. If you would tell me exactly what I am doing wrong which puts me in “Facebook jail,” then I could try to correct my actions. However, what you are doing is harassing me by periodically putting me “in jail” without ever telling me what specifically I am doing wrong.  In fact, over the last several weeks, you have put me in jail and then about the time that the time period is to be ended, you have lengthened it another 24 hours.

My articles are based upon well-documented facts, and I try to put my sources right in my articles so that people can check them for themselves. I am not fomenting “hate” by telling the truth. If that is the case, then the problem lies within the readers because they do not want to accept the truth.  

I also try to engage in community conversation by posting follow-up statements to various questions that people post about my articles.  I never use any epithets nor lewd comments as so many other FB users do and which are against FB’s stated policies.

Then, too, I do not send out faux “friend requests” from obviously fake FB pages. I receive two to three of these requests per day. I always report them to you as spam, yet FB allows more of these fake friend requests to appear the very next day. Why are you not spending your time wisely by trying to protect legitimate FB users by taking down these faux FB page makers?  Instead you seem to be chasing after people such as me even though I am trying to obey FB’s community standards.   

I have to believe that Facebook has its own biased “truth” and that you are doing everything in your power to shut down conservative thought. We as Americans who exercise our First Amendment rights will not be silenced, and Facebook will continue to incur great criticism and loss of its customer base.  

If I am posting my articles and comments on too many FB sites upon which I am a member, then give me a number above which I must not go.  If I am posting too quickly, then tell me; I am trying to post slowly. If the problem lies with the graphics which a webmaster assigns to my articles, please let me know so that I can apprise him of the problem.

At one point on June 12, 2019, you at FB told me that I could not post on any page upon which I am not a “manager.”  However, I have publicly asked people to let me know if they have had the same rule applied to them by FB.  So far nobody has let me know that he/she has experienced the same penalty of being banned from pages upon which the person is not a “manager.”   

Google is under high scrutiny right now by Congress and Facebook is too. Dissatisfied conservative employees from the techie giants are coming forth to reveal the “hidden” practices that are going on in the bowels of these organizations to try to take control of the 2020 elections. As these practices grow worse, more of these outraged employees are going to come forth.

If the techie giants are smart, they will stop harassing conservative thought and will make sure the techie platforms are fair for everyone.  Instead of trying to practice thought control over the general public, the techie employees would be freed up to track any users who are planning evil actions (e.g., terroristic activities) so that they could be caught by the FBI and other security agents.

Just in case you have not noticed, new startups are beginning to surface; and Congress is right on the cusp of taking action against the techie giants as more of the unscrupulous practices are revealed.  

If the techie giants do not change their ways soon, they will “bias themselves right out of the marketplace.”

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    I have been put in facebook jail for 27 consecutive months.

    I have lost money as I cannot sell on the local sale groups, I have missed out on family events, I am a not able to communicate with local businesses.

    Should I take screen captures of everything and hopes there will be a class action lawsuit one day soon.

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    iam also tired of being in facebook jail my right to communicate with my relatives has been interrered with all you careaboout what you think isstandardsand moralsas far as im concerned you do not have morals or standards youpost tansgender crap muslims marrying little girls having sex with goats beat heading people lbg rights no god no country no family and you have morals for who the deviliam sick to death with cortezand the swad you think m obama is a goddess yet she is the first lady of baoons yaa you have standards and morals which belong to satan

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