DeBlasio Tells Us All: ” Keep Calm and Carry On”

Aug 5, 2020 by

With Churchillian power and economy of speech, Mayor DeBlasio has rallied the masses to keep calm and carry on: “Yeah, it’s gonna be tough; it’s gonna take a lot of work.”

The mayor was late in sending his schools re-opening scheme to the state Education Department. There’s no reason to believe there was wilful defiance and maybe to some extent the deadline was somewhat arbitrary anyway.   The fault is less in the timing of the submission of this highly complicated framework than in its astonishing inadequacy from most standpoints.

It is storm of sloppy conception and strategic  non-viability. Cuomo called it an outline, not a plan.  And that’s being charitable.

Parents and educators demand a bold, constructive, science-based and workable arrangement, such as expressed by UFT President Michael Mulgrew:  “We need randomized testing of school communities throughout the year and a vigorous contact tracing system that gives schools test result and a course of action with a 24-hour turnaround. What’s more, even if there are stronger safety standards in place, we still have grave concerns about the city’s ability to enforce them effectively in every school. Right now, this is not enough to protect students and staff.”

Clearly it is imperative that this admonition be heeded.  All New Yorkers should stand solidly behind this positive approach and make known their support for sound science as a basis of the security of our children and educators.

Ron Isaac

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