Deciding to improve Detroit’s schools shouldn’t be this difficult

Jun 2, 2016 by

If everyone wants what’s best for kids, why is getting a deal to fix Detroit Public Schools so hard?

Charter advocates say they want the same things as public school proponents – accountable, well-managed schools that offer great educational outcomes for all kids.

But charter advocates like Michigan Association of Public School Academies Dan Quisenberry, who appeared Wednesday morning at the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Mackinac Policy Conference, seem bent on resisting the implementation of any standard or process that would require charter operators to deliver the outcomes they’ve promised.

The current sticking point, in the slate of DPS reform bills being debated in Lansing, is governance. Oh, and money — Oh, and money – the state Senate’s version of the DPS reform bills included $200 million folks like Gov. Rick Snyder, state Sen. Geoff Hansen and Detroit schools emergency manager Steven Rhodes say is necessary to keep a new Detroit school district from rapid financial collapse, but the House’s bills include just a $33 million loan.

Source: Deciding to improve Detroit’s schools shouldn’t be this difficult

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