Deen should be hung for saying the ‘n’ word

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Racial Hypocrisy –

Are you as fed up with the racism double standard as I am? When defense witness Rachel Jeantel recently testified that use of the term “cracker” wasn’t racist, the liberal media leaped to her defense, saying that anyone who didn’t agree with her simply “didn’t understand her culture.”


But when cookbook author and TV personality Paula Deen admitted using the “n” word some time in the past, suddenly she was branded a racist.


Well gee, using the same logic as the left, maybe progressives just “don’t understand Paula Deen’s culture.”


Because you can’t have it both ways, you see. If it’s racist to utter such derogatory remarks against one skin color, it’s racist to utter them against the other, too. Condemnation can’t be only one-sided and highly selective, otherwise it’s just another form of reverse bigotry.


The term “racism” is losing its meaning due to rampant misuse


What we’re increasingly seeing in society today is the tolerance of racism with one select group coupled with the condemnation of racism against whites only. This is a reversal of the same injustice that was long tolerated in America when blacks were the target of selective racism.

The point is that neither situation is justified.

But there’s also something else that has been creeping into society today: The rampant use of “racism” against anyone who doesn’t agree with Obama or the liberal agenda. The label “racism” has been used to attack people who defend the Second Amendment, for example, even though gun ownership has nothing to do with skin color.


It’s also routinely used to attack anyone who reasonably disagrees with something Obama is doing, such as expanding secret military prisons or creating secret kill lists of Americans to be assassinated or drone-bombed. Thanks to the strongly liberal bias of the mainstream media, anyone who criticizes a policy of Obama (not his skin color, but his POLICIES) is immediately branded a “racist.” (This is nothing more than lazy intellectualism by a media that has nothing truly intelligent to say.)

The net effect of all this is that the term “racist” is beginning to lose all meaning. It is being thrown around as a cheap, desperate attack by people who don’t have any strength to their own positions, so they toss out the racism grenade and hope it explodes in a barrage of verbal shrapnel.


“Racism” is the terror weapon of modern-day language. It’s purpose is to cause mayhem and fear, not to advance a coherence argument or reach an agreement on something.


Thankfully, the racism grenade is increasingly just a dud. More and more people are now recognizing that the “racism” accusation is counterfeit. Because disagreeing with the argument of someone who has dark skin isn’t racism. Or criticizing the actions or speech of a person with dark skin color isn’t racism, either. It’s called a dialogue or a disagreement… or even a debate.


Because if a white person is debating a black person on some topic like abortion, for example, it doesn’t make any sense to say, “The white person cannot challenge the black person’s position because that would be racism.” In fact, it was Martin Luther King who said, precisely, that we should judge people by the “content of their character,” not the color of their skin.


Shockingly, it is increasingly the political left that wants to judge people by the color of their skin. This makes them racists by definition.


Latent racism among whites


Now, of course there is still something I call “latent racism” among some whites, although that percentage is already very, very low and has been shrinking for decades. I remember when I was growing up, I had all sorts of black friends as a kid and also black friends in school. They were some of my best buddies on the high school track team, and the thought of discriminating against someone based on their skin color seemed completely alien to me.


I especially remember the day one classmate named Matt (that’s his real name, I remember this clearly), started telling me “ni%%er jokes” in the school hall. Apparently, he had been told these by his family and he thought they were appropriate to share. I remember feeling very uncomfortable hearing these jokes, and even thinking to myself how racist this guy was.


But that was the only time I heard such racism from classmates. All through high school and college, I never heard anyone else engage in such racist buffoonery. You might argue that’s because I’m not the kind of person who hangs out with racists, and there’s probably some truth to that. It’s possible that more low-wage blue-collar workers might be more racist in their thoughts and their language, but I have no direct experience with that.


The simple truth is that there is a latent level of racism across all races. Jamie Foxx sounds a whole lot like a racist to me when he talks about “shooting whites” and how great that would be. If a white person celebrated the idea of “shooting blacks,” he certainly would not get the applause Jamie Foxx received on Saturday Night Live for making his comment against whites. And that’s the problem, you see: racism is socially acceptable when it comes from blacks while being socially condemned when it comes from whites.


This double standard will, of course, only further drive more racial hatred if it is allowed to continue. That’s why I say we must condemn ALL racism, including racism from blacks and people of any race or skin color.


Why I will be called a racist for condemning racism


I will of course be called a racist for writing this article that calls for social justice and an end to racism — exactly some of the same things Martin Luther King stood for. But that only proves my point: as a white male, I will be labeled a racist for even discussing racism hypocrisy and pointing out inconsistencies and contradictions. That label is counterfeit, though, and I refuse to have my free speech shut down by racial bias and bigotry against whites.


As Natural News readers well know, I am clearly not a racist precisely because I believe skin color is irrelevant. What matters is the coherence of a person’s argument and the principles upon which that argument is based. I’ll hire a bright, well-spoken black man over a dumbed-down, ghetto-talking white low-life every single time. In my life and business, I am truly “color blind” when it comes to exercising discernment with people.


Skin color gets you no preferential treatment here at Natural News. You are wholly judged based on the merit of your ideas and the content of your character, as MLK says.


If agreeing with MLK makes me a racist, then so be it. The “racism” label has become meaningless when pop culture automatically assigns the term to anyone with white skin who happens to open their mouth.

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