Deep Cleaning Classrooms

Jul 8, 2020 by

There is a gold standard for measuring just about everything. Sometimes that standard is science-based, but often it is enabled by human credulity, pseudo research and collective habit of belief.  There is even a litmus test for gullibility that is a fail-safe indicator of who your target victim should be if you’re looking to sell someone the Brooklyn Bridge.

Ask them whether they believe that NYC public schools will in reality be deep-cleaned as mandated?  If they actually trust that this will happen and achieve any peace of mind from the assurance, then you’ve hooked the perfect sucker.

No doubt there will be enclaves of compliance and some conscientious employees will suit up like astronauts and scrub, scour and spray some heavy duty industrial products. Who will oversee them, verify thoroughness and effectiveness, and take responsibility for deliberate oversights with tragic consequences but untraceable culpability?
If you calculate the square footage of all the space used in 1800 school buildings and are confident that every single day, with no ever-present enforcement mechanism,  this massive job will be executed as described, then you are an easy mark for lying politicians and bureaucrats.
Will the hallways, classrooms, offices, stairwells, storage areas, gyms and cafeterias be affirmed as purged of danger?  There will  be carefully worded disclaimers, but the upshot is that fools will be left with a false sense of security.

“I’ll believe their claims when I get title to the Brooklyn Bridge”, says an acquaintance of mine who suggested that the DOE’s cleanup squads should begin with “baby steps to earn the public’s faith.

“First”, she said, “tell them to remove the vomit stains on the rugs of my kindergarten class from two years ago.”

Ron Isaac

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