Demand for homeschool parent’s diploma invalid

Jul 31, 2015 by

Bob Kellogg –

When a Tennessee mom filed notice of her intent to homeschool for the coming year, a local education agency declared her homeschool “inactive.”

Home School Legal Defense Association attorney Dewitt Black says Shelby County Schools classified the homeschool as “inactive” because of the parent’s failure to include a copy of her high school diploma with the notice of intent. He says that would be an unnecessary step because the parent is in full compliance with the law.

“The law is pretty clear that there are three different types of records that need to be submitted to the school district: the attendance records, standardized test results, and immunization records. But there’s no requirement for a high school diploma or GED document,” he explains.

The attorney says the parent isn’t going to provide her diploma because – as he argues – once you cave into public school demands, it becomes a slippery slope.

“The legislature is the authority in Tennessee, and every other state for that matter, to make law,” he says. “And it’s not up to local school officials to make up these procedures and policies and so forth and then treat them as if they were law, because they’re not.”

Black says other HSLDA member families encountering similar administrative difficulties should contact the association for assistance.


Source: Demand for homeschool parent’s diploma invalid

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