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Planned_Parenthood_Logo…denied it’s request for a Temporary Injunction, green-lighting the Women’s Health Program to take effect without including abortion providers in the program.

1.11.13 – 8:05 P. M. – Breaking news: From Texas Right To Life

[Hallelujah!  Yet again, Planned Parenthood has been kicked out of participating in Texas Women’s Health Program.  A Democrat judge made the ruling late this afternoon.  Again, we need to thank Gov. Perry and the 82nd Texas Legislature for having the courage to stand for sanctity of life.  – Donna Garner]

Judge rules that WHP can take effect with Pro-Life rule

Breaking news from Texas Right to Life’s team in Austin.

While most legislators in the 83rd Legislative Session returned to their home districts to enjoy a long weekend, Texas Right to Life stayed at the Capitol for the latest court battle in which Planned Parenthood was hoping to score a victory for abortion rights today. However, in a surprising move, the judge, who was hand-picked by the abortion giant, denied it’s request for a Temporary Injunction, green-lighting the Women’s Health Program to take effect without including abortion providers in the program.

Judge Stephen Yelenosky heard seven hours of legal arguments and testimony about the Women’s Health Program and the impact of excluding America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, from the program. Planned Parenthood argued that women would have nowhere to turn for basic screenings and exams if the abortion giant were kicked out of the program.

The Women’s Health Program began in 2005 as a demonstration project to serve low-income women who do not qualify for regular Medicaid. In 2005, Texas Right to Life successfully added restrictions to the authorizing legislation, but these restrictions were never enforced. In 2011, when the program was renewed, legislators adopted Texas Right to Life’s language to clarify that abortion providers and their affiliates [including Planned Parenthood] were barred from participating in this taxpayer funded healthcare program. Since then, Planned Parenthood has filed two lawsuits to stop the newer, stronger Pro-Life rule from being implemented in order to remain eligible for taxpayer funding.

Planned Parenthood confirmed again in court today that they want no Women’s Health Program if excluded from the program. This from the organization that allegedly champions women’s health? Planned Parenthood wants to keep it’s hands in the pockets of Texas taxpayers while denying women access to health care at other providers and agencies that offer a full spectrum of services—except abortion. The Attorney General’s representatives aptly presented the HHSC findings on at least 1,500 new, clean, eligible providers who are not affiliated with abortion, sending air right through the hollow claim that Texas women cannot survive without Planned Parenthood.

What was not discussed in court today is that if Planned Parenthood were granted access, then by design, the whole program would have been dissolved. The abortion provider claimed to be fighting for Texas women, but it is really only fighting for public funds, while trampling women’s health care. Ironically, while it argued about having to close clinics due to potential loss of WHP reimbursement dollars, Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s annual report was released this week, announcing $542 million in government grants, which of course, is from American taxpayers.

The Texas Attorney General’s office attested to the Legislature’s authority to establish parameters for taxpayer-funded programs and that expanding the WHP beyond abortion providers is an appropriate legislative action. Three witnesses appeared for the plaintiffs; one presented herself as an indigent, minority patient who has suffered from the new rule. Her answers to additional questions under oath revealed that she had achieved a college degree, had served for years as an advocate for Vox, Planned Parenthood’s campus activity group, and then as a community educator on birth control and STD’s for the organization.

Judge Stephen Yelenosky of the 345th District Court in Travis County, a Democrat, denied the Temporary Injunction within an hour after the hearing ended. This means that the Women’s Health Program can be implemented with the Pro-Life rule, crafted by Texas Right to Life in 2011, that excludes abortion providers from the program. This is a victory for women’s health in Texas!

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