Democrats’ Impeachment Quickly Morphing Into Trump REMOVAL

Jan 27, 2020 by

Watch the president’s back, patriots because now that Nancy Pelosi’s “Forever” Impeachment has suffered an obvious fail, the Democrats will abandon Impeachment for REMOVAL.

Long story short: Democrat Impeachment is quickly morphing into REMOVAL.

Make ready for the term ‘Removal’ to become a household word.  Democrats of the day control not just the narrative but the language.

For those who would helplessly argue that removal is not legal, neither was anything the Democrats have done to date during their Impeachment drive.

As writer Rolf Yungclas perceptively points out in his Canada Free Press column today:

“Getting a majority in the House of Representatives, this Party, with zero support from the minority Party, voted in December to recommend to the Senate the President’s removal from office, and this week spent four days on national television making their case for his removal to the US Senate.

“Even worse, though, this recommendation for removal, commonly called Impeachment (as we all are quite aware of), is at the same time being used to aid in the re-election of a Democrat to the White House, particularly Joe Biden, who has been deeply involved in that corruption and was even President Obama’s point man for everything Ukraine.”

Keenly aware in their Impeachment obsession that a number of Republicans are wobbling, the Democrats see themselves on an unstoppable roll.

Source: Democrats’ Impeachment Quickly Morphing Into Trump REMOVAL

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