Democrats put target on many top charters

Feb 9, 2019 by

Democrats are renewing their war on school choice in Michigan, this time targeting some of the top performing charters in the state.

What matters most to them is whether a school’s teachers are members of a union, rather than how much its students achieve.

Thirty-four House Democrats, led by Rep. Kristy Pagan of Canton Township, are pushing a resolution that would amend the state constitution to ban charter schools from contracting with for-profit operators.

Democrats have used the “for-profit” bogeyman to push the canard that private companies skim huge amounts of taxpayer money off charter schools. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer adopted that narrative on the campaign trail, promising to ban for-profit operators.

But it’s not true. Many charter schools are run by for-profit companies, most of which operate at a very modest margin.

Source: Editorial: Democrats put target on many top charters

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