Dems Will Crawl Over Broken Glass To Vote…Conservative Republicans Will, Too

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“Dems Will Crawl Over Broken Glass To Vote…Conservative Republicans Will, Too”

By Donna Garner



Sen. Ted Cruz stated on 2.9.18 that there is an “incredible volatility in politics right now”…Democrats are “stark-raving nuts” in their opposition to Trump…The left is going to show up…They will crawl over broken glass…to vote.”

Yes, the Democrats may “crawl over broken glass” to vote but so will we conservative voters!


The election of Donald Trump as President on Nov. 8, 2016 was a momentous day because he is pulling America back from the slippery slope created during the Obama years.  Pres. Trump is indeed Making America Great Again!


The problem is, however, that from the top of the stack to the bottom of the stack – from the national level to the local level – the Democrat Party has lost its way.  All have dedicated themselves to becoming the Party of Obstructionism. 


In years past, there were Democrat candidates whom we knew personally to be honorable people and who were fairly conservative.  In fact, we voted for a few of them; but those Democrats have been left behind as the party itself has moved far left.  





Why is there such gridlock in Congress (and in our state legislatures)?  It is the fault of American voters.


If we had elected enough conservative Republicans, the Democrat Party of Obstructionism would be emasculated; and their leftist concessions would be completely ignored. Congress and state legislators would not have to compromise their conservative values to appease the Democrats.


Let’s think what a strong conservative Republican majority up and down the line would mean: 


Pres. Trump’s amazing conservative agenda would be implemented without hindrances;


America’s job market and economy would thrive;


the national debt would be erased;


we would be secure within the borders of our own country;


our military would be fully funded and equipped to do battle;


North Korea and Iran would quake in their boots;


conservative values would be restored to our culture and to our schools;


fair-minded judges and conservative political appointees would be in place in our government agencies; and


our country would once again honor our flag, National Anthem, Constitution, and proud heritage.





Texas is the first state in the nation to hold primary elections that include congressional candidates. Early voting starts next week on Feb. 20, 2018. 


Because of the hatred and bitterness from the Democrat Party toward the conservative agenda of Pres. Trump, these primary elections in Texas will be in the spotlight nationally.


The poll watchers will be counting the number of early voters in Texas who vote in the Democrat and Republican primaries, and those poll numbers will be heavily publicized.


The Democrats are salivating to scare voters across America into thinking that the off-year elections will usher in a bevy of Democrats.  WE MUST NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!






Texas is an open-primary state which means a voter is allowed to decide whether to vote Republican or Democrat.  Knowing the devious strategies used by the Democrat Party, I suspect many of them will  decide to vote in the Republican primary so that they can vote against those candidates who are strong conservatives.  


What does that mean for us conservative Republicans?  We have to vote in even larger numbers to overcome the “political antics,” graft, and corruption of the Democrat Party.  






The onus is on conservative Republican voters across Texas and the U. S. not to be lackadaisical but to get off the couch and go vote.  The fault will be ours if we allow Democrats to gain any ground.


Let’s picture Texas and America being run by the likes of Al Green, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, and Obama/Hillary Clinton look-alikes!


This should jar all of us into action to vote for conservative Republicans. The polls open in Texas on Feb. 20, 2018.






Republican Judge Michelle Slaughter, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8.  Judge Slaughter has been recommended to me personally by another judge who is known widely across this country as a Constitutional authority. This judge believes Michelle Slaughter’s record proves she is “a conservative, Constitutionalist who is cut out of the same cloth as Justice Clarence Thomas.”. —




Dianne Hensley  — Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 1, McLennan Co.  — My husband and I strongly endorse Dianne Hensley. She is a wife/mother/grandmother, smart, politically savvy, experienced, hard-working, conscientious, and a successful business woman.  

Since being elected as JP in Nov. 2014, Ms. Hensley has put in the long hours that are necessary; and when people have needed her to come to their assistance, she has made herself readily available to offer a compassionate response.  She has a keen desire to serve her community, and her ingenuity and resourcefulness have benefited McLennan County. 

More than that, Dianne Hensley is a Godly woman who “walks the talk” and will not cave under public pressure.  In 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have the right to get married; but she as JP and as a Christian felt her conscience would not allow her to perform such weddings. In spite of pressure from the LGBTQ community, Ms. Hensley knows the Supreme Court has ruled that (1) all Americans have the right to accommodate their religious faith and that (2) she has the same right to accommodate hers.  





2.11.18 — “Early Voting in Texas Starts Feb. 20 – What To Know Before You Vote” — By Donna Garner – —

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