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On Friday at the National Center for Education Statistics website, the Department of Education posted a quote of the day from a great hero of the Obama administration: Mao Zedong. “Our attitude towards ourselves should be ‘to be satiable in learning’ and towards others ‘to be tireless in teaching.’”

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) “Kids’ Zone” website quoted mass murderer Chairman Mao Zedong for its “The Quote of the Day” earlier today.

Buzzfeed posted a screenshot of the initial quote:

The Dept. of Ed quoted a mass murderer to our nation’s kids today. Great.

Apparently, NCES took the quote down after news of it went viral on social media networks like Twitter. First the quote was memory-holed with the message, “Sorry there is no quote of the of the today” (the typo here likely a signal of their rush to take it down):

No more quote “of the of the” for you, kids.

Then the quote was briefly replaced with one by Abraham Lincoln. Now the entire section has been removed from the page:

No more quote of the day for you, kids.

Following the incident, Buzzfeed reported that NCES Press Secretary Daren Briscoe issued this statement:

“The Kids’ Zone website hosted by the National Center of Education Statistics earlier today featured a poorly chosen quote, intended to highlight the importance of teaching and learning, in the ‘Quote of the Day’ feature. This feature, which automatically generates one education-related quote per day from a database of quotes last updated in 2007, has been temporarily suspended pending a review of the database’s contents.”

So the quote was just “poorly chosen?” Really?

During China’s communist revolution, it is estimated Zedong was ultimately responsible for murdering nearly 40 million people, but some have even estimated that number at 80 million or more.

How, of all departments, the U.S. Department of Education failed to realize they were quoting one of the greatest mass murderers in human history specifically to our kids is inconceivable.

Who are they going to quote next? Adolf Hitler? Joseph Stalin?

For those who still aren’t clear on the reality that America’s education system has been purposefully set up to systematically destroy millions of children’s minds with the ultimate goal of indoctrinating them into a socialist one-world government, check out former Senior Policy Advisor for the U.S. Department of Education Charlotte Iserbyt’s book, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” available in the Infowars Shop.


As of this afternoon, the quote had been removed.

Department of Education Features Mao Quote on Website.

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