Detroit schools need more oversight

Mar 16, 2016 by

An education commission can bring coherence to public education

Passage of revamped educator evaluation laws last year appeared to be a new beginning — one where the Legislature’s idea of education reform wasn’t simply a veiled attack on school employee unions.

Unfortunately, that may have been an anomaly.

As the Detroit Public Schools experiences a severe financial crisis, some in Lansing see a new opportunity for new attacks against teachers, support staff and their unions — all while holding the education of Detroit’s students hostage.

A state House plan seeks to pay the DPS debt incurred under state control — but attached is a bill that guts collective bargaining for employees, brought by extreme lawmakers beholden to deep-pocketed, anti-public education interests. Other bills in the package allow for greater outsourcing of staff, permit non-certified teachers in Detroit classrooms and force year-round school.

These tacked-on proposals don’t contribute to solving the financial crisis facing DPS or improving the academic success of Detroit students. These bills work to silence the voices of dedicated educators who are standing up for the schools their students deserve.

Source: Detroit schools need more oversight

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