Two Detroits compete to shape comeback narrative

Sep 16, 2016 by

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Daniel Howes –

The symbolism could hardly be more jarring.

On the day yet three more Detroit Public Schools principals are sentenced for their parts in a scheme to defraud the district and enrich themselves, two icons of a new Detroit confirm plans to build a 130-room boutique hotel on the northeast corner of Grand River and Woodward.

In the week activists file a federal civil rights lawsuit against the state and Gov. Rick Snyder for failing to provide Detroit’s kids access to a public education, Shinola and Dan Gilbert’s Bedrock Real Estate Services say their partnership will create a “living room for business travelers” that is a “thoughtfully curated hospitality experience specially designed for their hometown.”

Welcome to Detroit-in-transition, where vestiges of the old and sprouts of the new are both real, each vying for a narrative that is neither straightforward nor simple — and won’t be anytime soon. It’s a major American city where public education, namely the teaching of its young, is corrupted by grasping adults and mismanaged by state bureaucrats who seize control of a system they fail to fix.

Source: Daniel Howes: Two Detroits compete to shape comeback narrative

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