What are the best development platforms for blockchain technologies?

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With the development of such an innovative technology as blockchain, which is now able to alter the whole world system from its beginning to an end, entirely cancel the banking system, disable printed currency and establish an absolutely new order in the relations between people in the field of business and even politics, those, who are deeply interested in it are starting to look for those tools, which may help them to achieve their goals linked to the creation of blockchain. However, despite of a great potential of the whole idea of cryptocurrencies and the creation of new game rules for the society of the 21st century, let us be more pragmatic and say, that for now blockchain is just one of the new, and to be honest pretty good, ideas, which was born thanks to the good minds of skilled programmers. So, it would be vital to examine such a huge topic for the programming and technological side, while describing the most vital and important features of each existing useful platforms and softwares.Thus, here I am willing to present you a pretty moderate list of the most useful and the most widely known platforms, which are used by the majority of the blockchain development companies.

How to choose a proper platform for blockchain building?

To be honest, despite of the fact, that the development of blockchain is a giant and pretty complicated topic, which seems for usual users as America for people from 15th century, it is not really hard to answer such a question. You can use any possible platform, depending on your personal desires, opportunities and goals. For example, you can say, that you are much more professional in programming in Java and not in C++ or maybe you prefer Python more, than any other thing, which exists in the market. Nowadays lots of various highly popular platforms have a set of libraries, which allow you to develop the blockchain systems within them. For example, Bitcoin-Qt is written in C++, so you are able to change it on your own in a way you want. Thus, we can make a conclusion, that any platforms can fits perfectly in case if is has a proper library. Moreover, the final product usually depends more on your basic idea and desire to make it true and only then on the quality of a platform. However, let us examine five most popular and reliable blockchain softwares.

1. Ethereum

Ethereum is one of the most reliable and widely spreaded platforms for the creation of good blockchain systems and work on the cryptocurrencies. Despite of the fact, that the whole platform is not really old and has been developed only several years ago, today it is one of the most popular blockchain softwares, and there are several reasons to say so. Let me a bit cut the whole giant bunch of the information on that software linked to its interface and design, and be more concentrated on the technological part of it. For example, Ethereum supports all other most popular platforms like C++, Java, Python and GO. Furthermore, all the products built on Ethereum runs exactly as programmed ones without downtime, fraud or third-party interface. Here is also a list of others highly positive features of that software:

  • Opportunity to develop a smart wallet and smart money;
  • Democratic autonomous regulations;
  • Designing of your own cryptocurrency;

2. Open Chain

It is another pretty popular ledger technology, which fits perfectly for the development of good blockchain systems in order to prevent the interference of the third parties into the process of transactions and deals. For instance, the developers of Open Chain are recommending their product for those, who are interested in the creation of a protected field of operations, which would be completely secured for strangers. Moreover, they also emphasis on the fact, that Open Chain is the only existing software, which may allow you to create special digital stocks and assets and then, exchange them within a system without being afraid of stealings. Furthermore, one of the most outstanding features of the usage of the Open Chain system is the fact, that you are now able to work in totally decentralised and real-time field, which will respond to any of your operations immediately. Besides, thanks to the usage of Open Chain  you can now protect all your data not only from hackers but also from viruses.

3. Eris

Eris might be one of the most suitable platforms for those, who want to build a blockchain based application with the usage of cryptocurrency technology, the opportunity of real-time transactions and absolute safety of any committed operations. Moreover, we have to admit, that Eris is a fully multi platform software, so, your blockchain-based application can be ran anywhere and will operate properly in case of the usage of any possible device. Besides, it is highly vital to make an emphasis on another fact, that Eris is the cheapest software to programme with in order to build an interesting blockchain extension. There are also several highly outstanding features, that play a pretty vital role in case if you are working with Eris. First of all, thanks to a high technological level, Eris gives you an opportunity to build special permissioned chains for the further evolvement of the whole blockchain structure. Moreover, Eris developers’ team also took care of your convenience as a programmer and decided to provide you with a smart contract tool for easier building process. Finally, Eris is a pretty simple software and one of the best things you have to know is that it allows you to make all the actions step-by-step in an easy and clear manner for you in order to avoid further mistakes and bugs.

4. Hydra Chain

Frankly speaking Hydra Chain is not officially an independent software for the development of the blockchain sections, but is an extension for Ethereum platform. However, it has so many special and highly different features, that de-facto, the majority of programmers consider it as an absolutely separately living organism, which, for sure, has special ties with Ethereum, but in the majority of situations is absolutely independent. Moreover, Hydra Chain is much more specific, than others. For instance, the main aim for Hydra Chain is not the creation of blockchain in its broad sense, but the creation of the Permissioned Distributed Ledgers or PDL. The main fields in which we can use Hydra Chain is, for instance, private chain or consortium chain setups o especially the maintenance of the financial industry. Finally, there are also several others interesting features. For instance, Hydra Chain is marked with a full compatibility to Ethereum Protocol as well as 100% match with other languages programming platforms, such as Java, C++ or Python. Moreover, Hydra Chain has built in Accountable Validators. Finally, there are also other things, such as:

  • Instant finality;
  • Native contracts;
  • Easy deployment;
  • Open source Code;
  • Commercial support for any possible type of the final product, manufactured with the usage of Hydra Chain.

5. Multichain

Last, but not least software could be called one of the most advanced and famous platforms. Despite of the fact, that it is one of the youngest softwares ever developed for the blockchain programming. for now, its community of followers is much bigger, than, for instance, the community of Eris. Moreover, Multichain is the fastest developing blockchain creating platform, that makes it possible for all the time get more and more new and interesting functions in order to create advanced products. Furthermore, Multichain is an open sources software, so you can customize it in any possible way you want even altering the root code of the whole programme. Besides, it is compatible with Bitcoin and Ethereum, while being also a multi platform programme with a support of C++, Java and other most widespreaded languages. So, last, but not least, Multichain allows you to quickly deploy, operate and design any distributed ledgers.

Bottom line…

All in all, blockchain is one of the biggest and one of the most complicated topics to understand in the developing cyber world of the 21st century. We today even do not know, what is the entire potential of that innovation. However, we can undisputably claim, that it is huge and that those ideas, which have been possessed by the blockchain and bitcoin developers are going to play a pretty vital role in the future. Thus, it seems suitable for all of us to know even those highly basic and elementary softwares and tools, which allow us to make magic with the usage of the world web. I really hope, that this article was helpful for you and was able to answer several important questions.

The author of this article is Michael Volokhai, a freelance blogger working now for Artjoker, a software development company that specializes in startups launch including mobile and web development. Our goal is to turn clients’ ideas only to excellent results!

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