DeVos Has Opportunity To Improve Education For All Children

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As we usher in a new presidential administration, it’s more important than ever that our next secretary of education is a bold reformer who is focused on putting our children first.

That’s why Betsy DeVos is the right person for the job.

I’ve always believed that every child can learn. No matter where they live, how much money their parents make or what language they speak — every child can learn.

But to do that, we not only have to give our kids the tools they need to succeed — we must also be willing to shake up the status quo and reject low standards for our schools. By doing so, we create a strong foundation for learning that focuses on giving our children the best education possible.

It’s no easy task; it takes someone who isn’t afraid to step on toes. It takes a reformer like Mrs. DeVos.

She has extensive experience and an unquestionable commitment to our children. For nearly three decades, she has been on the front lines in dozens of state capitals, working with parents to promote school choice and accountability in the classroom. As our secretary of education, she’s going to continue that fight.

She understands that when you give parents more say in their children’s education, it produces better results. After all, parents know what’s best for their kids — unlike Washington bureaucrats who craft one-size-fits-all policies that only backfire on our students.

By taking power away from our nation’s capital and returning it to governors, school boards and parents, we can raise the bar in education. And anytime we set higher standards, our children will exceed our expectations every time.

As governor, I know all too well how difficult it is to take on the status quo. Special interest groups will fight tooth and nail to hold onto power — even if their policies hurt our kids.

But implementing bold reforms is possible.

In the past six years, we’ve ushered in the most significant education policies in our state’s history. For example, we’ve implemented an easy-to-understand A-through-F school-grading system. Now parents have a full understanding of how their schools stack up.

We evaluate our teachers based on their performance — just like every profession. We’ve placed a strong emphasis on reading, providing teachers with the tools they need to help our kids succeed at an early age. We have also adopted programs to provide struggling teachers with additional training, while providing better pay for starting teachers to help recruit the best and the brightest.

We are preparing our kids for the future. But we can do even better if Washington embraces local control and school choice. With Mrs. DeVos at the helm of our nation’s education department, we can do just that.

  • Martinez is the governor of New Mexico.

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