Diabetes Awareness Month: November 2019

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November, as you all know, is National Diabetes Awareness Month. It is a chance for local and international promoters to team up and work with accomplices in the USA to increase awareness of the disease. The campaign aims to create awareness of signs and symptoms, enhance healthy living and make sure that people know the risk factors.

One in ten people have diabetes, while another 85 million people are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. But there are some trivial things that people can do to reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes. National diabetes expenses in the United States is $ 250 billion and considering that this is a necessary condition for some people, these costs could decrease if more individuals acted upon health advice and were aware of these risk factors.

As is the norm of this awareness, every year hosts a different central area and theme. The 2018 theme concentrated on health following gestational diabetes. The 2019 theme has not yet been confirmed. However, below a summary is of various ways in which you and your loved ones in your area can make an impact for diabetes.

Participate in a Fundraiser Walk

Register for the JDRF and the American Diabetes Association in one of their field trips (across the country) to raise funds for diabetes, educate, research and support. Join JDRF One Walk, or ADA Step Out: Walk to stop diabetes. And if you cannot go in person, you can as well register by signing up as a “virtual walker” to show your help.

Dress Blue

One simple way to help spread the message is to where ‘blue’ says Matt Schmidt of Diabetes 365. This movement has been gaining momentum over the 5 years or so.

The Shade blue, and more clearly an open blue circle, is the broad picture for diabetes. Urge employees to dress blue on Fridays as a sign of solidarity for any person suffering from this illness. Even better, present a challenge for each individual who dresses blue on Friday. Your firm will give a dollar to a diabetes groups.

Join a diabetes fundraising

Probably the best way to create awareness is to form a group interested in a fundraising occasion. For instance, the ADA organizes step-out: Walk to stop diabetes across the nation. Set up an organizational group to promote health and awareness while increasing your funds to find a solution to diabetes. Forming a team is an incredible team-building exercise that motivates employees to improve their skills, such as problem -solving and goal setting.

Make a bulletin board.

Pass sufficient information for any person who passes by the board. Be as innovative as you want: and the more your bulletin board stands out, the more people will stop and review the board. ADA comes with an incredible truth sheet with captions to publish. Or make a collage with magazine clippings such as Diabetes Forecast or Diabetic Living.

Conferences and Meetings on Diabetes

These professional centers are the place where key personalities meet to explore diabetes and develop medicines for sharing ideas and systems. Although they do not occur during the month of diabetes awareness, they have a crucial role to play in raising awareness about the progress related to the illness. Here is a summary of the most important conferences for diabetes in the US and across the world:

• IDF Congress 2019

• ENDO 2020

• ADA 2020

• AADE20

Join in

The diabetes awareness month starts on 1st November. Given the prominence of this illness in the United States, everyone will sooner or later interact with the disease in their lifetime. Having a solid understanding of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, including what it means and how to counteract the latter type, will assist everyone stays healthier and happier.

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