Did The Virginia Education Association Sell-Out Teachers?

Apr 20, 2013 by

Virginia’s largest teachers association is receiving pushback on an early-April announcement by Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) that it endorsed his most recent Educator Fairness Act and other education reforms.

“Starting July 1, with the support of the Virginia Education Association and other key Virginia education leadership groups, we will effectively end teacher tenure in Virginia’s public schools, while also rewarding our great teachers with a 2 percent pay raise,” McDonnell is quoted saying in a press release issued by the governor’s office.

The release goes on to detail education reforms largely opposed by teachers unions nationwide and in-state associations like “effectively eliminating teacher tenure” by allowing localities to increase the probationary period for new teachers from three to five years, implementing a form of performance pay for educators and A-F letter grades assessing schools

via Did The Virginia Education Association Sell-Out Teachers? – FairfaxTimes.com.

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