“Did you know someone who died by a gun?”

Mar 26, 2018 by


Kenneth J. Bernstein -

I asked that question in all three of my classes today.

I qualified it by saying I wanted to exclude anyone shot by Police (justified or not) or in military action.

I made clear to my students I fall in that category, having known several, including a policeman who just happened to walk into a bank robbery in Moorestown, NJ in a time when police did not wear protective vest.

I also offered the statistic since Columbine of more than 400 school shootings in buildings holding 186,000 students.

The results were eye-opening.

Remember, I teach primarily 10th graders.

Three classes.

One, with only 13 students present today, had 3.  Just under 25%.

Another, with 26 students, present, had 8.  That was the class with whom I was in silent lockdown.

And the last?  21 students were present.  11 raised their hands.  More than half.

Too many guns.

Too many deaths.


Source: “Did you know someone who died by a gun?”

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