Different Ways Teachers Can Build Their Own Website

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There are many reasons why every teacher needs to have a website. A well-crafted website will provide learners a chance of access notes, assignment details, review materials, and more.

According to Google, most people use mobile devices when searching for information. If you are a teacher, create a site that is mobile friendly. Seeking help from any of the top 10 hosting providers can help you build a website that can be accessed even through mobile devices. But how can you create your own website? Here are good platforms that will help you do it:

  1. Google

If you have a Google account, creating a website will be easy. You just have to follow correct procedure. To start, select Google Sites from their menu of services. Google provides a variety of template. Use one of them to create your site. Customize it if you want. Once you have created your site, you can add contributors by going to the sharing menu. Contributors can post notes, articles, and blogs to your site.

  1. Weebly

Weebly is actually one of the best platforms for creating a free site. Besides being intuitive, it comes with many important features. If you are planning to craft a classroom website, consider using this platform. Weebly for Education is especially created for educators. It has special blogging and website building tools which you can use.

Weebly for Education also allows students to create accounts that the instructors or the teachers can moderate and manage. If you create accounts for your students, they can then create their own blogs and websites.

  1. Kafafa

This site provides many ad-free templates which you can use to create your own website. Another good feature associated with Kafafa is that editing the content on the site is a walk in the park as they have special correction tools. You can simply select the text box and begin editing. If you like, you can add videos, hyperlinked texts, and images with the help of a simple editor.

  1. School Rack

School Rack provides teachers with an opportunity to craft and host their own classroom sites. It has features which are specifically designed to meet the needs of teachers. If you build your website here, you will be able to post all the assignments with full expectations, deadlines, and descriptions. You can also create accounts for your students.

  1. Lifeyo

Lifeyo is actually a free service site for building blogs or websites. With Lifeyo, you can create your own website within minutes. To get started, you need to enter a name or a title for your website, choose a design template, and then enter your email address.

Lifeyo has simple, good-looking, and clean templates that allow you to integrate blogs automatically. You can use this blogging platform to post educational articles. You can also post your latest lessons.


As a teacher in the 21st century, you need to have a platform where you can gather your students together. Embrace technology and create your own website.

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