The Diploma Mill That Is St. Paul Public Schools

Aug 4, 2015 by

Annie Holmquist –

We’ve been asking the question for a long time: is the St. Paul Public School district simply a diploma mill that doesn’t truly prepare students for college?

Judging by yesterday’s front page story in the Pioneer Press, Better Ed is no longer the only one asking this question.

“For Ramon Page and several of his friends, graduating from a St. Paul public high school offered not a springboard to college but a trapdoor.

Because of his low scores on a college placement test, Page had to take developmental math and English courses the summer before enrolling at Minnesota State University Mankato and then again during first semester.

As he spent thousands of borrowed dollars before earning a single college credit, Page grew frustrated with both Minnesota State Mankato’s placement system and Humboldt High School, which awarded him a diploma in 2013.

‘You’re allowing me to walk (for graduation), and then I’m told I’m not ready,’ the 20-year-old said.”

Is Ramon Page just a frustrated student using the St. Paul Public Schools as a scapegoat for his failure? Not according to data from the MN Department of Education. Their numbers show that St. Paul has increasingly high graduation rates even though its students have increasingly low proficiency scores in math, reading, and science.

These numbers are underscored by the fact that “St. Paul’s 2012 graduates taking developmental classes needed 8.1 remedial credits on average, compared with a state average of 6.2 credits.”

It would seem it’s time for St. Paul Public Schools to stop deceiving its students and truly began preparing them for the world beyond high school.

Source: The Diploma Mill That Is St. Paul Public Schools | Better Ed

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