How DIRECTV and AT&T Internet combines for a Streamlined TV/Internet Experience

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The Internet is not a public utility according to the laws of the United States, but it is rapidly moving in that direction. In the first decade or two of telephone service and natural gas use, they were not considered public utilities either. In the United States, a public utility is essentially any service that the federal government or state governments deems important to the public good. The products or services are so fundamental to life that they have been exempted from several profit motivations.

Water is the quintessential example of a public utility. Water is crucial for life, so states and municipalities that provide water services have price controls to prevent them from overcharging. In return, their services are largely exempt from competition. However, this is not the case with cable service providers such as

A DIRECTV + AT&T Internet Bundle Blasts the Competition

Cable television providers have branched into DSL and eventually cable broadband to provide their clients with web connectivity. However, they are not subject to much competition. The infrastructure required to deliver cable is sometimes expensive, which eliminates competition. As a result, the lack of competition increases costs and decreases quality. In rural areas, cable broadband likely does not exist at all. A DIRECTV + AT&T Internet bundle changes your opportunities.

How do you receive Internet in areas that have either one provider or none? The solution to the problem is satellite. DIRECTV + AT&T Internet services provide customers with a fairly reliable service.

How DIRECTV and AT&T Internet Work Together

When you have your bundles installed through your satellite television provider, you can also apply for AT&T Internet. Satellite services sometimes discredit cable providers because bad weather hinders a channel’s effectiveness. Well, research and customer feedback has found that the concern is actually overblown. United States satellites bounce from your home’s dish to dishes located in low earth orbit, traveling down to other dishes and then back to you.

Satellites can only send signals along straight lines, so if you want to get information from all parts of the world, it has to bounce through several different satellites. The information is housed at servers to help facilitate the process. There is never a single source of information although it originates halfway around the world.

For example, information from a London-based website is created on a server in or near London. Then, it is transmitted to servers around the world and stored in many different places. Your satellite requests the information and retrieves it from the closest server. A DIRECTV + AT&T bundle also gives you two different ways to consume information, doubling your chances of a good signal.

DIRECTV + AT&T Internet Bundle Advantages

Since information on the Internet is fragmented all over the world, the weather that blocks a satellite’s clear transmission does not interrupt your service. Therefore, a storm in London does not prevent you from viewing London-based information. Service interruptions often occur because of local storms.

In the United States, most satellites point toward the southern tip of Texas to receive a clear signal. If your area experiences a strong storm with heavy cloud cover, you should expect an interruption in your DIRECTV and AT&T Internet bundle. As a result, many people choose U-Verse Internet to avoid the problem of a satellite disruption.

Satellite television allows you to queue, record, and store information on your local DVR. Therefore, if you have their service, you may experience interference during a strong storm. However, just as the computer stores information in its RAM, the DVR constantly stores and updates the information from shows you are watching.

Therefore, cloud cover does not prevent you from watching television. As soon as your satellite gets a clear signal, it saves the information. The recording device saves more than the moment you are watching. It saves several moments ahead as well, so you have few disruptions.

Costs of a DIRECTV and AT&T Internet Bundle

Practically any place that has AT&T Internet is served by another provider. The competition between the companies decreases costs and increases quality. If they must work against other companies to win your business, they will work harder and handle any issues quicker. The healthy competition keeps many customers satisfied with their satellite service.

DIRECTV + AT&T Internet Bundle Availability

The strongest argument for satellites and bundling DIRECTV and AT&T Internet is the availability. Running cable is often a difficult and arduous task, especially if you live in rural areas. However, the rural areas are also primed for satellite connectivity. There are no skyscrapers blocking the free flow of information to and from your satellite as opposed to urban areas.

Furthermore, far fewer competing signals disrupt your service. If you sign up for DIRECTV television and web connectivity, you can easily have a satellite installed regardless of where you live.

A satellite installer can put a satellite on your roof, your balcony, or a pole mounted in the ground. Then, they run an Ethernet cord into your home. Therefore, the professionals complete the installation quickly and efficiently. You only need one cord, and you are connected to the web.

The satellite system is much simpler and more reliable than the complex process of connecting wires to phone lines, especially in urban areas and regions with various zoning regulations.

Regulations Governing a DIRECTV and AT&T Internet Bundle

Satellites allow you to avoid many zoning regulations. A few requirements by law and statute reveal many different limitations when it comes to running cable. However, there are far fewer regulations, especially in rural areas, regarding where and when you can install a satellite. Satellites are most commonly purchased by private homeowners, so you have complete control of when and where it is installed.

DIRECTV provide greater control, greater reliability, and lower costs. If you are looking for a fast and effective way to connect to the web, you should consider bundling your phone and television services. The option lowers your costs and also makes paying your bill easier.

You only need to pay one provider for their services, which is a fast and efficient payment method. Not only is the simple satellite system easy to install, but it is also affordable.  Nothing beats a simple and efficient satellite.

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