Disappointed with Megyn Kelly’s Education Special

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“Disappointed with Megyn Kelly’s Education Special”

By Donna Garner



I generally like Megyn Kelly’s show on FoxNews called The Kelly File.  I feel that she normally puts on a very helpful, common-sense portrayal of the news.  However, I was very disappointed in her show aired this weekend (although I am not sure it was filmed recently).  It was called “Who’s Teaching Our Kids?” The show may have been a “filler” for Fox to use over Thanksgiving and may have been filmed months ago. I am not sure.


Megyn had a few good guests (e.g., Dinesh D’Souza) but failed even to mention Common Core or the College Board/David Coleman’s AP U. S. History (APUSH). These are the two most egregious and aggressive programs that are being used to dumb down our nation’s students and to indoctrinate them into hating America.


Please read:  “David Coleman Attacks Students’ Love of America” — by Donna Garner – 6.24.14 — http://www.educationviews.org/david-coleman-attacks-students-love-america/


Common Core and APUSH are usurping local requirements, putting the Obama administration in complete control of Pre-K – 12, and are sweeping across most schools in America as we speak.


Why in the world would Megyn Kelly not cover the two most significant and worrisome programs that are causing parents, students, and teachers grievous frustrations and harm?  It is these two programs that if allowed to prevail will destroy the future of America through this and succeeding generations.


Megyn Kelly missed a great opportunity to inform the public of the truth behind Common Core and APUSH, and I am not encouraging people to watch “Who’s Teaching Our Kids?” because it is a “come from behind” portrayal and does not address the current root problems facing our nation’s schools today.


Not only is FoxNews behind the eight ball regarding the root problems in Pre-K through Grade 12, but they also have not led out in exposing the Obama administration’s regulations  to take over all colleges and universities in the United States by extending the tentacles of Common Core to them.  Please read:  “Obama Launching Control over Higher Ed” — by Donna Garner – 11.26.14 — http://www.educationviews.org/obama-launching-control-higher-ed/


FoxNews should be leading the way on this higher education takeover by the Obama administration and should be alerting the American people to these new regulations so that they can take action before it is too late.   


ACTION STEP:  The U. S. House has the power of the purse. Their first order of business in Jan. 2015 should be to cut all funding for Common Core, the College Board, and the federal regulations to take over higher education through 34 CFR Parts 612 and 686, RIN 1840-AD07, Docket ID ED-2014-OPE-0057.  


Please read my article (posted above) and contact your U. S. Congressmen, assertively asking them to cut funding for Common Core, The College Board, and also for the new set of USDOE regulations for higher education.


I have already contacted my Congressmen.  Will you take the time to do the same?  


Donna Garner


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  1. Willie Evershave

    I have read numerous articles and books about Common Core and listened to several talking heads about it. I concur that it is a Marxist/Communist plot being pushed upon us by the traitors in the government. It may well raise the score of the United States in the ranking list of who’s smarter in the world, but it won’t be because our children being smarter or more intelligent. When the tests are aligned strictly with the curriculum being taught, the students simply learn to memorize the answers and parrot them back upon exams. Yaaa! Their scores increased a bit and they are now firmly grounded in education. What education is the pregnant question. Most can’t balance their checkbook, count change, read comprehensively, speak clear English, or much of anything else other than cop an attitude of hating the United States except for their welfare and benefit checks. A work ethic? What the hell is that? If they can sit on their butts and draw more than they can by working at an honest job, why wouldn’t they choose that; their belly is full, they have most of the modern electronic gadgets and some kind of a roof over their heads (even if it’s their daddy’s basement or garage) and drugs to relieve their “pain and suffering.” Common Core is a means to an end, and the Obama administration, with the Marxist guidance of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals where the end will justify the means no matter how immoral or dishonest, the takeover of the United States is of course “justified” in their microcephalic minds. We need to replace the current regime, along with the DoEd, and get the States back in control of the education our children receive. Else: USA is divided into groupings of race, gender, language, and culture, and a multilingual, multiracial, politically correct, divided country will fail because it will be unable to communicate among the various factions. Healing begins with the education of our children and we have lost at least two generations, so we have a lot of recovering to do! We can’t let Common Core survive as it is now written. Take the Negro terrorists, like were in Ferguson, Missouri and other riot sites; these racial activists need to learn to get along rather than burn their villages and kill their people by violence. They keep howling about being disrespected by police officers, whites in particular, but they can’t seem to understand that in order to gain respect, they cannot demand it – they must earn it! Being disrepectful to others, police and all, is not the way to promote harmony and earn respect. The sad part is they, being community agitators, manage to get the majority of their race stirred up and involved, and common sense just goes out the window and results in mob rule. But what do you expect? That’s what they are taught at home and in school now, and it is getting worse all the time. There will be racial strife in the United States until it is no longer profitable for people like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Eric Holder and Barack Obama. Their plan is quite evident if you just take the time to connect the many various subversive activities (the dots), but many of the newer generations (not just Negros, but all races) either won’t take the time away from their distractions like Eric Holders petty crises of the week program, commercial football and basketball, taking pride in being self-sufficient and independent from the government tit, and learn to be productive citizens, or they are just too far gone in the lack of education to be able to comprehend what they see and read. Just follow the money; which is pretty easy – it goes from the middle class working taxpayers through the government to mostly the wealthy elites with a little trickling down to the “poor.” In most cases, when compared to the poor of the world, our poor are at least middle class. We do need change, just not the kind Obama pushes. Reduce the size of government, decrease the payments to foreign potentates, decrease the taxes, and learn to live in peace! It is all possible!

  2. Sara Sellers

    Please let’s do all we can to keep Mississippi in charge of our Education guidelines.Common Core is foolishness, We do not need more different ways to come up with two plus equals four.The old way is good and will always be good, Look at all of the famous people and their inventions in this century who did it all with good old fashin reading,writing and arithemtic.

  3. Cristina Micsa

    I would like the government to dismantle the DOE. I will contact my Congressman to do all he can to do so. We need to call not for cutting the funds for CC or any programs, but to tell them to get out of education.