Distance Learning: How to Choose a School from Afar

Nov 8, 2017 by

They say that moving home is one of the most stressful life experiences that you can go through. With so many things to think about, it can be difficult to work out what your priorities are, but there is no doubt that finding a school for your kids is one of the top ones. Choosing a school is tough enough when you live in the local area, but this can become even more challenging when you are trying to do this from a distance. To give you some assistance in this difficult task, here are a few tips to get you started.

Make a Wish List

To get the ball rolling, you should make a wish list of everything that you would want in your children’s school(s). Next up, try to prioritise what you are looking for, so you know which things are essential and which you can be a little more flexible on. For example, would your child be better in a smaller school or a larger one? Do they need a place where there are plenty of extracurricular activities? Should the learning environment be structured or independent? Obviously, make sure to get the kids involved in the decision-making process as well.

Balance School and Housing Decisions

It can be a real challenge to find the perfect house that is within the right distance of the perfect school. The last thing that you want to do is find your dream home, only to discover there are now suitable schools in the vicinity. Once you know which neighbourhood you want to move to, you may want to look at the schools first and then the housing that is available.

Contact Other Parents

Sources of information don’t come much better than other parents, so if you have any contacts of people who live in the area, now is the time to start getting in touch with them. Even if there is nobody in your immediate circle of friends and family, you can start asking them to put the word out and it is highly likely that you will uncover someone who can provide you with some useful titbits.

Check Out Online Resources

The internet is such a valuable tool for research that you have at your disposal, so you should use it as much as possible. First of all, there are listings websites out there that give you an overview of a range of different schools and information like the school fee plan. You should also look into more detail at the individual websites of each establishment, online msn np, as well as any information you can get through social media.

Contact the Schools

Once you have made your shortlist, the time has come to start contacting each of them directly. Make sure that you have a list of questions ready to ask each of them. As well as academic issues, you should also enquire about non-academic ones such as extra-curricular activities and bullying.

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