DNC’s failing Common Core exposed by WikiLeaks

Aug 7, 2016 by

After obtaining a recent data dump of hacked emails belonging to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), WikiLeaks exposed the extreme unpopularity of the federal government’s Common Core State Standards … and how the average American voter sides with local — and not federal — control of education.

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLSA) argues that the latest series of leaked communications between DNC strategists surfaces something that should have already been plain to see for the American public for some time — that the only champions of the Common Core is the federal government and others under its payroll who personally benefit from its implementation.

“Thanks to WikiLeaks … a shining beacon of obviousness has finally entered the election scene,” HSLDA Deputy Director of Federal Relations Andrew Mullins asserted. “[The leaked information serves to confirm in Americans’ minds beyond a doubt that] the Common Core State Standards are deeply unpopular, and local control of education is a winning issue for American voters.”

Hiding problems with the Common Core

Highlighted among the emails divulged by WikiLeaks is one communication written by DNC Deputy Communications Director Eric Walker, where he is seen chastising his colleagues for creating a video that consists of quotes from GOP candidates who condemn the Common Core and its nationwide implementation.

“[The Common Core is] a political third rail that we should not be touching at all,” Walker admonished fellow Democrats. “[I request you to] get rid of [references to local control of education, because] most people want local control of education.”

Mullins says that such reminders and warnings within progressive circles should be expected and frequent as the 2016 presidential election nears — if the Democratic Party wants to have any voting parents left standing in its corner by November.

“It should come as no surprise that the Common Core State Standards are such a toxic issue, given their popularity (on the ‘absolute disdain’ end of the popularity spectrum) with teachers, parents and students,” the legal expert contends. “People associate the Common Core with public humiliation of students, privacy violations and data intrusion.”

But even though the Common Core is opposed by many on both sides of the political spectrum, it continues to dominate public education in an overwhelming majority of states.

“While the Department of Education’s ability to incentivize state adoption of the Common Core with waivers was dealt a blow by the Every Student Succeeds Act, the standards remain in place in many of the states that were original adopters,” Mullins explained. “Consequently, state-by-state withdrawal from the Common Core State Standards remains an ongoing political issue, and is a key concern for parents and advocates.”

Common Core leaving or staying put?

Despite the recent leak — and more and more Americans finding out that the federal government threatens to withhold funding to states who don’t abide by its Common Core standards — Mullins is doubtful that the federalized instruction will be on its way out after votes are cast this fall.

“Will this email leak actually make a difference for education policy in this election?” the homeschooling advocate poses before answering his own question. “In the grand scheme of things, probably not.”

He goes on to tell how the Democratic campaign to stay in control in the White House continues to unabashedly assert that big government should take more control of education and continue its power grab — all the while maintaining that its increased presence in instruction is “for the children.”

“While direct references to the Common Core may be noticeably absent from the Democratic platform, the party’s interest in a one-size-fits-all Federal approach to education remains,” Mullins informed. “On page 32, the platform calls for the federal government to play an expanded role in education — which is exactly how we got the Common Core to begin with.”

The pro-family advocate insists that all parents — regardless of where their children are receiving their instruction — should be mindful of what kind of education their ballots are supporting, come November … and whether they think more government (and less parental) control of education is in the best interests of their children.

“As this election season rolls on, it is important to remember that parents know what is best for the education of their children, whether they attend public school, private school or are educated at home,” Mullins stressed. “The Common Core Standards may be a ‘third rail issue’ right now, but unless we remain alert to the expansive reach of federal control in education, we may have bigger things to worry about than ‘third-rail’ electrocution.”

Source: DNC’s failing Common Core exposed by WikiLeaks

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