Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Have Resale Value?

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Lab-grown diamonds may be a great choice for those interested in purchasing diamonds as part of an engagement or wedding ring. However, caution should be taken when considering such a major purchase. You should first ask the experts “do lab-grown diamonds have resale value?’ and other questions before buying.

So Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Have Resale Value on the Market Today?

Although they are 100% pure carbon and their atomic structure has the same characteristics of real diamonds, lab-grown stones have no intrinsic value. No jeweler will pay you anything if in the future you desire to purchase a larger diamond and hope to receive credit, or if you want to sell it outright.

So in answering the question “do lab-grown diamonds have resale value?,” it must be admitted that as hard as it may be to believe, since these created diamonds do indeed have the same aesthetic appeal as real stones, they do not retain any monetary value.

Investors may well ask: “Do lab-grown diamonds have resale value on the market today?” Although we don’t routinely speak of diamonds as an investment, historically, those who purchased a rings with smaller diamonds were able to bank on the fact that those gems had an intrinsic value; they could leverage that value when purchasing a larger stone later.

For many decades now, that has been the understanding, and the practice, as couples traded in their original engagement and wedding ring diamonds for larger gems to commemorate anniversaries or other special times.

Then came the creation of modern, lab-created diamonds, which was a game-changer in many ways, prompting the question “Do lab-grown diamonds have resale value?”.Of course, the ethical sourcing of diamonds is an ongoing concern for many, and indeed, the appearance of lab-created stones resembles a real diamond in every way. In addition, the cost of producing lab-grown diamonds has almost halved in just the last two years, making the decision appear to be an easy one for anyone interested in making this major purchase.

Do Lab-grown Diamonds Have Resale value? Yes, But Much Less than Natural Gems

But in the end, the fact that there is little monetary value in lab-created diamonds should be something that diamond purchasers should consider, since they will not serve as an investment.

Typically, with a reputable jeweler, one can receive as much as 50% of the original cost back when exchanging real diamonds for larger ones. But no jeweler will buy back a lab-created stone; and on eBay, lab-grown diamonds typically sell for a few dollars. Rare Carat, America’s #1 source for unbiased engagement ring advice, compares over one million diamonds at trusted retailers to save you money, and can be relied upon to answer all the questions you may have, including “do lab-created diamonds have resale value?” or if a natural diamond should be the option for you.

Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Have Resale Value? Only One of the Questions Answered by Rare Carat, the Diamond Experts

Rare Carat compares diamonds available from sellers all over the world. Offering free reports from certified gemologists — who aren’t working under commission — you will receive an instant price estimate, with 20 quality checks, at no cost. In addition, you can even chat with a gemologist, who will give you their unbiased opinion on issues such as do lab-grown diamonds have resale value or any other questions you undoubtedly have on this major purchase.

Rare Carat, the online marketplace for sellers specializing in diamonds, is your one-stop option for the sometimes bewildering experience of purchasing diamonds. Their vetted wholesale sellers provide free lifetime manufacturers’ warranties and Rare Carat inspects every laser inscription on each stone before shipping to insure you are receiving exactly the diamond you desire.

Known as “the safest, smartest way to buy an engagement ring,” Rare Carat offers genuine expertise in the field for those wondering “Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Have Resale Value?’ to “What are the Different Cuts of Lab-Created Diamonds?”

With 17 million satisfied users, Rare Carat will provide all the assurance you need in your diamond-purchasing journey. So in the end “Do lab-grown diamonds have resale Value?” will be only one of the questions the experts at Rare Carat can resolve for you.

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