Do our schools take threats seriously enough?

Mar 4, 2018 by

Raytown Superintendent Allen Markley was working on his house last Sunday afternoon when his wife, hanging out on Facebook, yelled that someone was threatening one of his schools with violence.

Among parents and students, the threat “was already raging like a wild fire on social media,” Markley said. Raytown police and the FBI were working the case.

Markley immediately began a threat assessment using a checklist in place at the district for years. Hours later police, working with district leaders, identified the middle school girl who had posted a photo of guns and threatened violence. Police visited her home and found she did not have weapons. She wanted a day off from school.

In the days following the Valentine’s Day shooting at a Parkland, Fla., high school — where 17 students and teachers were killed — threats against schools across the country have soared from about 10 a day before the shooting to 70 a day, the Ohio-based Educator’s School Safety Network says.

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