DOE Doesn’t Trust Teachers To Appreciate the Meaning of Sexual Harassment

May 1, 2018 by

Mayor DeBlasio may have been misread, but he was not misquoted when he recently flicked away allegations of sexual harassment lodged by teachers on the grounds that educators are typical of a “hyper-complaint dynamic” that, one infers, compromises their credibility and fatally flaws their legitimacy.

In other words, teachers are exceptionally prone to hyper-sensitivity and hallucinations and their cries should be taken with a grain of salt or a splash of whitewash.

Why did the Department of Education, preempt investigations into the merit of the accusers’ complaints, choosing instead to call them “non-jurisdictional”, thereby consigning them to the “circular file.”?   The DOE feels that some accusations of sexual harassment made by educators in their workplace are not worth listening to. Of course they use some fancy legalese to perfume the stench of their dismissals.

According to published figures, there is a 25 percent disparity between the actual number of sexual complaints and the sum acknowledged by the mayor. “Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil.”  And keep the evil out of the data base!

The DOE is adept at manipulating language to play dodgeball with accountability. They know how to get out of the way. They’ll say the descriptions of those who label themselves victims of sexual harassment are not aligned with the definitions of the Department of Education..

Close but no cigar, eh?

The DOE has impugned the integrity of some of its employees by effectively claiming that they are unreliable by nature and should not necessarily be taken seriously.  In pursuit of justice and restitution, are they to be shunned, dismissed and disbelieved as were the victims of Bill Cosby and others in the media and politics?

Do concepts like “burden of proof”, “mere suspicion”, “beyond reasonable doubt”, “probable cause” and “preponderance of the evidence” carry different weight and standing depending on the sub-set of victims?

Coinciding with the wake of bad publicity and under duress, the DOE has of its own accord, pledged to revise its method of tabulating new allegations of these sex crimes.  From now on, a complaint will be a complaint, not to be classified as a spilled ice cream cone.

There will be a casino on the planet Jupiter before the Department of Education gathers incriminating data objectively, comprehensively, and without regard to the fallout of truth.

Ron Isaac

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