DOE: Lean and Mean–Not

Aug 1, 2018 by

When there are massive power outages after a hurricane, it is necessary to send in additional utility workers from around the country to get the crisis under control. If an astronomer is charged with comprehensively mapping the universe by identifying all the stars and other heavenly bodies, that’s a daunting undertaking because the inventory is infinite.
But the Department of Education’s tasks are not infinite and their dimension is magnified not by the nature of its duties and challenges but by its endlessly unfolding legacy of irresponsibility.
That explains their latest glaringly unseemly but not seamless exponential expansion of senior administrators. Chancellor Carranza has minted nine new “executive superintendents” ( the others are not truly “executives?”), perhaps driven by the notion that the optics will encourage the general public to assume that, when it comes to (nominal) education oversight, more is better.
Each one of these de-facto sinecures will be given ( out of respect, let’s reserve the use of the word “earn”) more than $250,000 in annual pay, benefits and other customary discreet perks. The DOE already boasts many managers in this bracket).
The perpetually porky DOE administrative payroll has achieved morbid obesity. Will Mantell, the DOE’s spokesperson who has apparently channeled Alice in Wonderland, calls it “streamlining”.
If the general public could be “flies on the wall” and see what those DOE folks with their emoluments and fancy titles(that will impress their grandchildren and dress up their obituaries) do for a living and what the performance of their “work product” actually consists of, they would laugh, cry, and perhaps storm headquarters.
So much dysfunction, malfunction and featherbedding;  anybody up to writing a screenplay? I don’t know what rating the film would get, but it be graded a “B” movie.
Ron Isaac
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