Does the EU Help Ukrainian Women to Conduct Business?

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We all have got used to the fact that most business corporations are led by male leaders. Ukraine isn’t an exception. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that its women give up that easily. They do their best to compete with men and embrace the leading positions in all kinds of businesses. The European Union actively supports them. If you want to succeed in business, you should remember this important fact.

Yulia Tymoshenko, Galina Gerega, Oksana Seredyuk, Anna Lukovkina, Yulia Alekseeva, and others should be taken as an example of successful business ladies. These Ukrainian women have already achieved a lot in our time in Ukraine. They are disciplined, brave, intelligent, determined, self-confident, and successful. They have the mind of leaders and the heart of fighters. They prove those female business leaders have the same chances to succeed as male leaders do. Now, let’s check how the EU supports Ukrainian women in the business industry.

Special Training Centers

The EU shows great interest in the development of new business companies in Ukraine. One of its targets is to support female entrepreneurs and increase their number. Thus, it has established many special centers that train future female entrepreneurs.

It’s remarkable that these centers are not located only in the capital of the country – Kyiv. They are located in other important cities like Kharkiv, Lviv, and others. Accordingly, this network expands the opportunities of ladies and makes their advancement more convenient. You can attend:

  • Training courses;
  • Webinars;
  • Workshops;
  • Practical seminars, etc.

When women attend these lessons, they receive vital experience in the business industry. They learn theory and use it in practice. Most programs are more than helpful recommendations. They likewise provide important licensed certificates on graduation.

Different initiatives and centers support female entrepreneurs in Ukraine in all possible ways. The EU gives heed to business skills and focuses on the development of the private sector. Therefore, small and middle-sized enterprises (SME) become the main targeted audience of EU supporting organizations. They help female leaders to become more competent, competitive, and successful. It is believed that opening new markets will sufficiently help female businesses.

Besides, different EU organizations likewise support the government of Ukraine. They are focused on a special reform, which is expected to regulate the business climate inside the country. It will equalize the possibilities of enterprises led by males and females.

How to Acquire Funding?

The EU has already given over €55 million since 2002 to support female entrepreneurs. This tendency remains popular and doesn’t seem to reduce. EU4Business initiative, EU4Youth initiative, EBRD, and other organizations actively invest in female entrepreneurship and provide the newly created and already existing businesses with the necessary funds.

For example, EU4Youth provides 150 grants for the development of SME. Other organizations may provide from 60,000 hryvnias to 10,000 dollars. You only should find the most suitable program and fill out the application form. You must provide your business plan, and if it’s perspective, you will definitely receive the necessary funding for your startup. The Ambassador of EU, Hugues Mingarelli, confirms the lack of funds in female-led enterprises. Therefore, the EU actively invests in those enterprises to make them really competitive.

Ukrainian female business leaders can be found in every big city, town, or even in a small village. They own big, middle, and small businesses. These Ukrainian women show that everyone can succeed in this competitive sphere regardless of gender. Therefore, don’t give up and try your luck. The European Union offers multiple capabilities for Ukrainian girls and women, which can be turned into a pleasant reality.

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