Where Was Donald Trump When We So Badly Needed Him on Common Core?

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“Where Was Donald Trump When We So Badly Needed Him on Common Core?”

by Donna Garner



Here is my question to Donald Trump: “Where were you when we so badly needed you and your billions to help stop the Common Core Standards Initiative from sweeping all across the United States starting in 2009? You with your vast wealth and huge public presence could have taken a principled and public stance way back then against Obama and Bill Gates, thus helping to discredit CCSI as a tool to indoctrinate and dumb down our nation’s children. 


Instead, we grassroots moms and pops, the “little guys,” have been left to fight this David and Goliath battle. It is a little disingenuous now that you are running for the Presidency for you to spout your campaign rhetoric against the Common Core.  I am not impressed.”



7.18.15 — “Trump:  Common Core Way of Taking Care of the People Who Don’t Give a Damn About Ed” — by Ian Hanchett – Breitbart — http://www.breitbart.com/video/2015/07/18/trump-common-core-way-of-taking-care-of-the-people-who-dont-give-a-damn-about-ed/



Donna Garner


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    Franklin Werkheiser

    Please what a bulls**t article. When Obama and the liberal democrats shoved common core down our throats Trump wasn’t even a candidate. The headline of this article should read, “Where Were The Republican Rhinos When We Needed Them On Common Core”. The only Real Republicans to publicly speak out against common core were Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and the Tea Party Republicans. In fact Sarah Palin said that not teaching our children our countries past history is a Travesty that will hurt our country. So was so right and I see it right now in our children. For their efforts they were publicly trashed by Boehner, McCain, graham, jeb bush, Romney and the rest of the rhinos.

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      Karen Bracken

      Ted Cruz has done nothing to stop CC just like all the blow hards in DC that stand up and beat their chests against CC but have DONE NOTHING. If it weren’t for us everyday moms and dads they would have pulled off their scheme. Where was Ted Cruz, Rubio, Paul and all the rest when RTTT was being shoved down our throats. Did any of them warn us back then??? NO they did not. It was us that blew their scheme apart and now they try to steal our thunder to get elected. Trump might not have done anything but he also didn’t jump on the gravy train like Gates, Walton, Broad and so many others.

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    Karen Bracken

    TOTALLY UNFAIR. Where were a lot of people with money that could have helped us??? What did Cruz, Paul or Rubio DO to stop Common Core except talk about it? What did ANY ONE of our elected officials do to protect our children? Trump is not an elected representative of the people. Gov. Walker is running for President after he did a rebrand of Common Core. How come you don’t say anything about him?? Where were millions of parents that blindly sent their kids into these federal prisons they call public schools? Parents and teachers could have stopped this long ago but teachers were more worried about saving their jobs (which they will lose eventually anyhow) and parents too busy watching football games to know what was going on their children’s class rooms to stand with us and fight back. Of course there were many parents and teachers that stood with us but when you look at the numbers it was a sad display of support. You are now using our non-political battle against the indoctrination of our children as a political platform against a candidate you clearly do not support.

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      Thank you, Karen. This argument against Trump is specious. They’re saying better never than late.

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