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Veteran Educator Donna Garner

“Donna Garner: Interview with Much Hope for America”


Donna Garner interviewed by hosts Erin Ryan and Bill Cundiff on We the People Radio – a California radio station

Yesterday, I had the privilege of being on We the People Radio; and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to share hopeful information that people all over America need to hear.  The two hosts and I talked about the restoration of phonics, cursive writing, spelling, grammar, the classics;  a book that costs less than $3.00 to teach people to read, write, and spell; free grammar packets; the Classic Learning Test as an alternative to the SAT; the importance of being able to read independently the Constitution/Bill of Rights/Declaration of Independence; cursive writing/reading opening the door to understanding the history of our nation; and the assault on our nation’s schools by Obama’s Common Core which has produced indoctrinated and uneducated young people such as AOC.

Here is the link to my interview which has no commercial breaks:

To see the archives of other excellent programs on We the People Radio, please go to:

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