Don’t hand over our schools to a CEO

Mar 31, 2016 by

Emergency management has not worked well for Michigan’s schools

Just last week, we watched as Michigan’s Governor answered very pointed questions from a Congressional Oversight Committee related to decisions made by the emergency manager in Flint.

Yet, despite the obvious failures of this emergency manager concept, its use is being expanded. This is happening even though the emergency manager idea was soundly rejected by the voters of Michigan, only to be quickly reinstated, with minor changes, by the Legislature and the governor.

But the emergency manager is getting a new name: chief executive officer, or CEO.

Recently, the state school reform officer (SRO) argued before the Legislature that the office needs a $1 million supplemental appropriation this year, and an additional $5 million next fiscal year, to hire school CEOs.

The difference between a CEO and an emergency manager: a CEO has more authority.

Source: Don’t hand over our schools to a CEO

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