Don’t Let Your Free Time Go To Waste

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Free time is a precious commodity. We all know how precious it is, yet how many of us really spend it wisely? To be fair, most of us are exhausted after a long day at work and all we want to do with our free time is get comfy on the sofa and watch TV. And if we’ve had a hard week, it’s only natural to go out on a Saturday night and drink a bottle of wine or two, which means Sunday is usually a write-off because we’re nursing almighty hangovers.

There’s nothing wrong with cocooning in front of the telly once in a while, but beware of life passing you by while you’re watching someone else’s story play out on the box.

Try something new!

It’s time to start using your free time to enrich your life. Don’t panic, you can start small. Pick one day a week and designate it a no TV/sofa day. Now make a list of all the activities that appeal to you. You can either go through the list one by one, trying out something new each week, or you can start more than one new activity and see which one sticks. We’ve got a few suggestions to get you started- after that you’re on your own!

Escape on Your Couch

If the idea of leaving the house on your day off is simply too repugnant to consider, you can choose a home-based activity (we’re not monsters!). The first suggestion we have is simple and easy to achieve. Read a book! Books are an excellent alternative to TV, and you can do this activity anywhere; in the bath, in bed, in the garden- and yes, even on the sofa. Reading keeps the mind active and it’s a brilliant form of escapism. There are a ton of book review sites online that will point you in the direction of books that will blow your mind.

Think Outside the Box

Another easy activity to do at home is play games. You can make this a social activity by organising a games night and inviting some friends over or you can play by yourself on your computer or mobile. You can immerse yourself in an online adventure game, or you can try and win some money by playing online casino games.

Either way, you’ll be engaging that brain muscle and warding off dementia in your old age! A quick google search will give you plenty of ideas on how to set up an awesome game night. And if you need a little advice on where to find the best mobile casinos, check out

Enrich Your Mind

Still not ready to venture outdoors yet? How about learning a new language or perhaps learning a new skill? There are hundreds of online courses available to you. You can sit in on lectures that take place in a virtual classroom, you can video chat with tutors and you can connect with peers in online chat rooms. Online education is still in its infancy and it’s only going to get better and better. Take a few courses and see how it goes. If you rekindle your love for learning, you could even go the full hog and take an online degree!

The Great Outdoors

Now it’s time to put on your shoes and step outside. Exercise is one of the best ways to spend your free time. Exercise has so many benefits that it would need a separate article to list them all. The main two benefits, however, are that exercise keeps your body fit and your mind happy.

If the gym is not your thing, there are plenty of other ways to get your heart rate up and your face all sweaty. How about rock climbing? Or tennis? Or why not join your local 5-aside football league? Even a nice long walk in nature will do you a lot of good.

Once you’re out of the house, how about joining your local theatre group? If you’ve ever fancied treading the boards, it’s not too late to audition! You might find that being part of a production is the perfect outlet for your own inner dramas. Joining a group of any kind that brings together people with similar interests will give you a sense of community and belonging. We highly recommend it! What are you waiting for? Get off the sofa!

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