Don’t Wear These Jewels After The Age of 30!

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Thirty is a prelude to middle age for women. It is a farewell to childish, a beginning to independent and mature. Both in spirit and in dress, there is a need for advancement, and it is time to cultivate taste. Especially in the choice of infinity name necklace jewelry, if you don’t pay attention, the style will go wrong and make a joke. The following jewelry pieces need to be treated with special care for women after the age of 30, so don’t try them easily.

Mix failed emerald

People’s love for jade is unmatched by any other kind of jewelry and gemstone. However, the fashion trend at the moment is the preference for colorful diamonds necklace with picture. In order to combine tradition with fashion, people begin to use jade to match with other materials. In addition to the traditional knot, jade begins to inlay with more and more precious metals and gemstone. But if you don’t pay attention to that, it will be over. Jade itself has the noble temperament that allows diamonds to surrender and set it off. If you force the use of more colored gems around it, it is like a terrible car accident in the jewelry industry between East and the West.

Pink crystal jewelry

The adorable pink crystal is especially popular projection necklace for people with a girlish heart, especially the magical function of bring love luck to people. However, as a mature woman, if you don’t know it includes the good and bad love luck, you don’t qualify for a rational 30.

Women at their thirties should have a higher vision and judgment. Even if they want to get love luck, they should aim more accurately at the tourmaline bracelet for girlfriend and the ice rhodochrosite. A woman’s money should be spent on things of real value. The effect of small pink crystal is perfunctory, and it will lower the psychological age. It should only exist in the memory of the student era.

The same ring style as your finger shape

A large number of people like to choose a ring that is the same shape as their own fingers, and feel that the ratio is more harmonious. But is this really the case? If you have short and fat fingers, it will make you fingers look shorter when you wear a wide ring. Those slender, no fleshy fingers with thin rings will look like bone claws. Therefore, when choosing a ring, you must pay attention to the combination of the finger and the ring.

Fold wear of precious metal ornaments

A variety of gold bracelet, necklace and ring worn all over the body. It’s like a moving humanoid jewelry window in classical Indian mythology. Don’t try this traditional style of Southeast Asia easily. If you wear a gold bracelet and add a gold ring, you will be considered to be an older woman with a younger appearance, or a young woman who was to be married the next day to try on a dowry. There is a sense of nouveau riche.

Big brand jewelry imitation

The bags and clothing of big brands are undoubtedly luxury items with expensive prices, and big brand jewelry is definitely a luxury in luxury. Many people can not afford it, or very few have it. In addition to being used, the big brand is also used to improve the average aesthetic level of human beings. You can’t buy it, but you have to know. However, there are many people who know these big brands, buy imitations for the sake of vanity when their economic condition can’t afford. The imitations of the big brand will only let them fall into the endless low-end vicious circle in the rough materials and workmanship.

Sparkling colorful style

Don’t stare at some artificial gems cheap personalized necklaces that are complicated and miscellaneous when you are 30 years old. Those are only suitable for non-mainstream girls. You might as well buy something at that awkward price at a ten-yuan store near the city or train station that has the “coolest ethnic style”. Of course, if you really do it, you are hopeless in fashion.

Colorful large size jewelry

The colorful colors personalized photo pendant necklace will make people more energetic, the big size will have a rough national style… But this combination is not for everyone, if you are not an artist or a minority, that can only be worn with minority clothing when you travel.

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