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“The Double Standard Used Against Ted Cruz”

By Donna Garner



So disgusting – the double standard being used against Ted Cruz


The other candidates can say almost anything they want to say, but the gullible public is always led to blast Ted Cruz.  For instance, when Ben Carson in the Iowa caucus himself said he was going back home to rest instead of going to New Hampshire and CNN assumed this meant he was disbanding his campaign, the Rubio camp also spread the word among their caucus members to get Carson supporters to join their side.  Yet Trump, Carson, and the media did not rail against Rubio  – only against Cruz.    


Then when someone in the Cruz campaign photo shopped a picture of Rubio (which almost every campaign does in its campaign ads), the public was led to believe Cruz had almost committed murder!  Let’s think how many photos we receive each day in the mail or view in TV campaign ads that contain unflattering photos of opposition candidates; these have obviously been photo shopped. Yet who gets “fried” for photo shopping – only Ted Cruz.


When Ted Cruz uses big data in his campaign, it is as if he is the ONLY one to do so. How ridiculous. Every candidate going back years has used big data. In fact, that is how Obama got elected. His campaign figured out how technology could be used through big data to influence the electorate.  


Hillary is undoubtedly using big data also; the difference is that she most likely absconded illegally with her big data gathered from the federal government which she could have easily transferred to her private server.   


Then there is Trump. He has been doing his typical thing of attacking Cruz personally – this time calling him “a liar, liar.” So what terrible lies has Cruz told about Trump?  None. 


Cruz does not attack candidates personally. Instead he references their policies, and he uses quotes right out of Trump’s own mouth.  In the December edition of Field and Stream, Trump himself said he opposes returning federal land to the states; and he also believes in using eminent domain for private projects. For pointing out these statements from Trump’s own loud mouth, Cruz gets vilified.


Then there is Trump. Take a look at what happened in Nevada yesterday (link posted at the bottom of this page). Will there be a national outcry about the results in Nevada against Trump and his supporters?  No, probably not.  


Wake up, America. We do not need to elect another Narcissist President who practices the politics of personal destruction and vilifies anyone who points out the truth about him. We need Ted Cruz who has the personal ethics, the Presidential demeanor, the proven record, and the perseverance and commitment to turn America around.


Gov. Greg Abbott, who has worked closely for many years with Ted Cruz and who knows his capabilities and work ethic the best, has today endorsed Cruz for President:


We can trust Ted Cruz to do what he says he is going to do. The same cannot be said about the other candidates.


2.23.16 – Actual photos and tweets showing the obvious shenanigans being done by Trump supporters in Nevada:

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