Dozens of special education jobs need to be filled in San Diego Unified

Nov 17, 2019 by

There aren’t enough aides for students with moderate to severe disabilities

More than two months into the school year, San Diego Unified still doesn’t have enough special education teachers and aides to serve its students with disabilities, leading some teachers to worry that some students’ safety and learning may be at risk.

Labor representatives said recently that the district has about 100 vacancies for aides, whose job is to accompany students with disabilities on campus and provide instructional and physical support, which can include everything from feeding to help with the bathroom.

There also are about half a dozen vacancies for teachers who educate students with moderate or severe disabilities, labor reps said.

“A lot of teachers feel like we don’t have enough bodies in the classroom to support our kids,” said Kisha Borden, president of the San Diego teachers union.

About 160 current aides were also given new assignments last month, said Michael Breyette, senior labor relations representative for the San Diego classified union that represents aides. The district re-assigns staff every fall to adjust for actual student enrollment.

Source: Dozens of special education jobs need to be filled in San Diego Unified – The San Diego Union-Tribune

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